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Does your iPad take forever to charge? If so, you're not alone. Many users have reported that their iPad charges much slower than they should. You might not know about these things if you got an iPad as your first Apple device.

The charging process of an iPad is different than most other devices, but it doesn't take any more time to charge. The battery in your iPad is built to last, but it can still drain quicker than you'd like. In this article, we will discuss why an iPad charges slowly and what you can do to increase the charging speed.

Why does my iPad charge so slow?

There are different reasons why your iPad charges slowly. The speed of your iPad's charging is determined by its charger's wattage or power rating. Your iPad charging so slow is usually the result of a lower watt charger that comes with your iPad from the factory or one that has become depleted over time and usage.

Different chargers have varying speeds when it comes to charging electronics. If you charge your iPad from a car, power bank, or laptop, it will charge slower than usual. A slow charger won't provide enough power for your device or charge your device fast enough for optimal performance.

Your iPad charging slowly might also result from its charging port being dirty or clogged with debris. Also, it could be a software issue.

What to do if my iPad charge so slow?

Ensure that you are using an adapter compatible with your iPad

Your iPad's adapter is the socket head you insert the charging cord into before plugging it into the wall. Using an adapter made for your iPad is necessary for the speed of charging your iPad.

One of the major reasons iPad users complain that their device is charging slowly is that they unknowingly use iPhone adapters to charge their iPad. Please note that the iPhone's adapter is incompatible with making your iPad charge fast.

There are different power outputs for various adapters. Using the iPhone adapter to charge your phone will take two times the usual duration before it is fully charged.

Can an iPad be used as a phone? (Answered)
Yes, an iPad can be used as a phone. This can be done by connecting your iPad to Wi-Fi and using a third-party Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) calling service app.

Before you buy an adapter, check the power output; 5W, 10W, 12W, 18W, and 20W. These are the various power ratings available for adapters. A 5w adapter will charge your iPad slowly. You can try out the 10W adapter, as this is the minimum output for an iPad. However, the ideal power output for your iPad that will make it charge at its normal speed is 12W.

The iPad model also determines the power output of the adapter you should get. As mentioned above, the 12W charger is suitable for an iPad mini. If you use an iPad pro, you should consider using an adapter with either 18w or 20w power output. The higher the power output, the faster the iPad pro will charge.

The Apple-certified power adapter that comes with your iPad is the best one to use, but if it gets damaged or gets lost, you can go to the Apple store and purchase another one.

Replace your old cable

The problem of your iPad charging slowly might also be due to the charging cable. An old cable might be broken or frayed and may not be able to charge your iPad as fast as it used to.

It would be best if you replaced your old cable. While seeking to buy a new cable, Apple does not recommend you go to a third-party store to get it. Although it might be cheaper than what Apple sells (the price is what attracts buyers), it will not work as well as an Apple-certified cable will.

Charge your iPad on a wall socket

Most users use power banks or car chargers to charge their iPads. The voltage from these sources is relatively low, making your iPad charge slowly.

It is recommended that you charge your iPad with an adapter plugged into a wall socket. The wall socket has enough voltage for your AirPods to charge at normal speed.

If you must charge your iPad through your power bank, car, or laptop, don't rely on them as primary sources. To help boost the charging speed of your iPad when plugged into your computer, ensure the computer is not in sleep mode but active mode.

Clean your iPad's charging port

If you use your iPad often and it comes in contact with dust, dirt, or debris, it might affect the charging port of the iPad. An iPad's dirty charging port can make it charge slowly. Blow some air into the charging port occasionally to remove the dirt.

You can also blow compressed air and use it to remove the dirt from your charging port if you feel you can't blow in normal air there. Apple doesn't recommend using needles or toothpicks inside the port as this might damage the charging port if you are not careful.

An iPad with depleted battery

Stop using your iPad while it's charging

Using your iPad typically drains the battery, but when you use it while it's charging, it can slow the charging process. This is because you are draining the battery being charged at the moment.

If your iPad is old and you use it while charging, you may notice that the battery percentage won't increase.

Leave your iPad to charge fully before using it. Turn off the screen and leave no apps running in the background. It puts more stress on the battery if it's downloading files, movies, or apps.

Restart or reset your iPad

Sometimes the issue of an iPad charging slowly might be software related. Restarting or resetting your iPad may solve the problem. This will also help if you're experiencing issues with a slow battery drain or frequent crashes when using certain apps.

A reset also returns all settings to default and deletes all user data. You can also update the iPadOS to the latest version to eliminate issues, including slow charging on your iPad.

Ensure your iPad is not too hot

The charging process of your iPad may be disrupted due to environmental conditions, causing it to charge slowly if it is too hot or cold.

While using your iPad, Apple recommends it shouldn't be below freezing point or above 95°F.

Your iPad might start overheating if it gets too warm, and this will cause the charging process to become slow. It is recommended that you don't leave your iPad in a place where there is direct sunlight or too much heat, i.e., in your parked car or near your heater or oven.

Go for tech support

On rare occasions, if all the above options do not help improve your iPad's charging speed, it may have been caused by hardware issues. Schedule an appointment with the Apple store if you live close to any, and they should be able to fix the problem. Going to an Apple store will be better than going to a random phone technician. Your phone is safer, and you are guaranteed the best result than with a third-party store.

What can you do with an Apple Watch without cellular?
Your Apple Watch can perform the below-mentioned actions without a cellular connection:Listen to music,Listen to podcasts,Use Apple Pay to buy things,Track your Fitness,Measure your health,Receive notifications via Wi-Fi,Fall detection,Noise detection,Timers.

Frequently Asked Question why an iPad charges so slow

Q. How do I charge my iPad fast?

A. To charge your AirPods fast, you need to decrease the screen brightness, remove all the apps running in the background, stop any downloads, put your iPad in airplane mode, and don't use it while it is charging. If possible, you can turn your iPad off until it's fully charged.

Q. Does the temperature determine how fast my iPad will charge?

A. Yes, the temperature determines how fast your iPad will charge. It will not charge as fast as usual if it's too hot or cold. Don't keep your iPad in a place higher than 95 degrees or lower than 32 degrees. Leaving your iPad in your parked car might expose it to hot conditions. This will not only cause your iPad to charge slowly but also shorten the battery life of your iPad permanently. Don't charge your device if your screen shows a temperature warning sign.

Wrap up

If you use your iPad to browse the internet, watch videos, or play games, you know how frustrating it is when the battery runs out at the wrong moment.

With a bit of knowledge, your iPad will charge much faster. The good news is that you can do a few things to optimize your charging experience. Follow the tips listed in this post to make your iPad charge fast.

If you have questions on why the iPad charges slowly, kindly leave them in the comment section. Thanks for reading.

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