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If you are having difficulties keeping your Airpods in your ears and contemplating replacing them with another pair of earbuds, you have come to the right place. Therefore, you may not need to get a new set of headphones. Before giving up on the Airpods, a few easy fixes may result in a suitable fit.

There are several reasons your Airpods may continue to fall out of your ears. Some are small and straightforward to resolve. Others may need extra items or a touch of artistry.

We will provide information on ingenious, simple methods that should spare you the trouble. We will address why this falling out keeps happening in this blog post.

Why Do Airpods Always Fall Out?

Although Airpods have grown so popular, some consumers have reported problems with them slipping out. Below are some causes and accompanying solutions to this persistent issue.

You aren't wearing the Airpods correctly

Airpods do not fit like traditional earbuds. Many people wear it loosely instead of with the stem pointing downwards, like in a hook-like motion as it appears naturally, but the Airpods need to sit well and be secured in your ear to stop them from falling off.

The Airpods do not fit properly

This might be frustrating to face. The first to third-generation Airpods comes with a one size fits all. If they don't fit your ear, you can opt for the Airpods Pro, which has interchangeable tips of different sizes to suit various ear canals.

Typically, there is nothing much you can do to adjust the size of the older models of Airpods if they don't fit your ears.

Proper position for wearing Airpods

Soiled Airpods

Earwax, dust, and sweat can make them fit too tightly or loosely. After hours of use and sweat, the Airpods can accumulate dust and become sticky. This might lead to a buildup of grime in the Airpods, which can cause them to slip while worn.

This final one may not be an issue for everyone, but it may be for certain people. The Airpods may fit wonderfully under normal circumstances, but once you start jogging and sweat heavily, they begin to slip. This might be because your ears sweat more than average or because of too much vibrating action during exercise.

Accidental hit

Pressure from the outside is another apparent reason our Airpods fall out of our ears. For instance, your Airpods might fall off when you take off your gym clothes or style your hair.

Even though the Airpods and Airpods Pro fit well when worn correctly, they can fall off with enough force. Therefore, it is essential to be particularly cautious in these instances or temporarily remove them, to avoid striking and losing them.

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How to prevent your Airpods from falling out

It may be understandably frustrating when your Airpods don't fit or continuously fall out, and you must repeatedly insert the stems back into your ears. Fortunately, there are several quick, simple, and cost-free ways to keep your Airpods in your ears.

Try wearing your Airpods inverted

Here's an interesting tip from MacRumors user on how to make your Airpods fit better. According to him, you should try wearing the Airpods inverted if the other methods fail.

I have admittedly experimented with wearing wired headphones inverted while jogging. Runners have been doing this for a long time, but it's likely less common now that wireless earphones exist. Well, you can still do it. Even though it might seem strange, you can try it to get a better fit and keep your Airpods from falling out.

Ensure that you're wearing them correctly

This advice may sound a bit too obvious, but there is a proper technique to insert your Airpods, which many people do not know.

As you may already be aware, the Airpods 1, Airpods 2, and Airpods 3 essentially have a fixed size as Apple's wired headphones and rest more shallowly in the ear canal. The Airpods Pro, on the other hand, has silicon tips that nestle significantly deeper in the users' ears.

This distinction separates the Airpods into two distinct technological groups. The Airpods Gen 1, 2, and 3 can be referred to as "normal earbuds," whereas the Airpods Pro is known as "in-ear monitors" or IEMs.

Utilize memory foam tips (for Airpods Pro)

Although Apple designed the silicone tips for the Airpods Pro to enhance the overall fit, they re-created similar issues their customers had. i.e., fitting and comfort while wearing the Airpods. Customers started trying a new type of ear tip produced from a different substance as a solution.

Memory foam is the next best material after silicone tips. Unlike Apple's silicone tips, memory foam effortlessly conforms to the curvature of the ear canal, resulting in a superior seal. Many customers have testified that Foam Masters is one of the most recommended memory foam ear tips brands.

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Eliminate the silicon caps

You may touch and pull them gently until they detach from the earphones, then choose another ear tip made from memory foam. As a general rule, the silicone and memory foam tip should be the same size.

Consider manufacturers like Foam Masters that adhere to Apple's size. These brands are designed exclusively for Airpods, so compatibility should not be an issue.

Compress and insert the fresh tips until they are secured. Squeeze and press the memory foam tips like how you would with the silicone tips. Once the ear tip is firmly attached to the earphones, a low click should be audible. Then, squeeze the Airpods tips too before inserting them into your ears.

While connecting silicone and memory foam ear tips to earbuds is the same, their use differs slightly. When inserting Airpods with memory foam ear tips, you must first squeeze the ear tip before making the push-rotate-wedge motion into your ears.

Third-party Solution

Numerous manufacturers invented techniques to prevent a pair of Airpods from slipping out of a user's ear due to the popularity of Apple. These are some excellent items, and we recommend trying them if other options fail.

Ear Hooks and Covers from different manufacturers are ideal for people who wish to prevent their earphones from slipping out when jogging or working out. Ear hooks may not be suitable for everyone, and some users may find them uncomfortable, but they are presently the most secure solution to prevent Airpods from falling out.

An ear tip can be attached to the Airpods to make them into secure earbuds. For covers, they are placed over the Airpods to hold them in place so that they don't fall off.

An example is the Earhoox Airpods Ear Hooks pair. These are high-quality, comfortable silicone ear hooks. They hook on the exterior of the ear but rest slightly lower. This means you don't have to exert so much pressure to push the Airpods into your ears when wearing them.

Are my ears too little for Airpods?

You can only be sure if you have tried every method to fit the Airpods in your ears. If you use the Airpods Pro, attempt the ear tip fit test if you are unsure of the fit before using them. You may use the ear tip fit test if you are uncertain that you are getting the best sound quality and noise cancellation because of the fitting.

Wrap up

When functioning correctly and as Apple intended, the Airpods are lovely devices. However, if they keep falling off, try any of the suggestions explained in the above article to stop this from happening.

With the options available, you should no longer be concerned about your Airpods slipping out when jogging, exercising, or playing sports.

If you have any questions, please ask them in the comments below. Thanks for reading.

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