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Some people love their Airpods so much that they wear them almost everywhere. Airpods have been an enormous hit, with millions of people eager to snap them up as soon as a new model is released. They are probably the most convenient wireless earbuds for their small size and ease of use.

But the reception hasn't all been positive. Some users report that their Airpods can get quiet and struggle to hear anything. So why are Airpods so quiet, and what can you do about it?

This article will answer this question and more. Keep reading for more information.

Why are my Airpods so quiet?

There are various reasons your Airpods can be so quiet or have a low volume. You cant be sure of which one is the exact cause of your Airpods being so quiet or low, so you will have to test out different things to ascertain the cause of the volume problem. We will list out the various reasons that can make your Airpods quiet.

1. Your Airpods have earwax in them, or they are dusty

If you notice the design of your Airpods, you will see that it has a small opening at the back, which can allow dust and dirt to get inside. When this dust enters your Airpods through that hole, it covers the speaker on your Airpods, reducing the volume of audio from your Airpods.

Also, ear wax from your ears can cover up your Airpods speaker, and if piled up for a long time, it can also reduce the volume of your Airpods.

If your Airpods are so quiet or not sounding the right way, you have to take your Airpods outside where there is light, then look through those little holes on each Airpods carefully to inspect for dirt.

Try blowing air in there to remove any dust or dirt first before trying out any other method.

You need to also keep your Airpods clean from earwax by using a soft brush to clean them out.

You wouldn't want earwax or dirt getting into your Airpods and covering the speaker, as it can muffle its sound and reduce its quality with little or no bass.

Can you charge Airpods without the case? (Answered)
No, you cannot charge Airpods without the case. It’s not possible, and Apple does not recommend it. Do not pay attention to any advice on how to charge your Airpods without the case.

2. Low power mode on your iPhone

Whenever you place your iPhone or any other Apple device connected to your Airpods into a low-power mode, it can limit the audio output from certain apps that use too much battery power.

This mode might affect how loud the audio coming from that app will be. So, even if you increase your Airpods volume, the audio will still be low or quiet.

You must be wondering why since Airpods have their own battery life. Well, that is how Apple devices work to save up the power for a long time until it is fully charged.

So if your Airpods become quiet while connected with an Apple device, check to see if the low power mode is enabled. If it is, disable it to see if the issue is resolved.

How to disable low power mode on my ios device?

Apple designed its devices so that low power mode prompts you to turn on at 15%. It will automatically turn off when your device gets charged up to 80% if you don't turn it off manually.

However, you will sometimes want to turn them off before they get to 80% in cases like this to increase the volume of your Airpods. So, to turn it off:

  • Go to the SETTINGS on your phone and select BATTERY. You will see the LOW POWER MODE at the top right of the BATTERY section.
  • Toggle it off by tapping on the green button to make it turn white.
Airpods connected to an iPhone

3. The volume limit on your iPhone

Most phones, including the iPhone, are designed with a maximum volume limit level. This feature will limit the audio coming in from your Airpods to a supposed normal level so as not to affect your eardrum.

This volume setting can sometimes be why your Airpods are so quiet. If you want to change the settings:

  • Go to your SETTINGS.
  • Then click on GENERAL, and select ACCESSIBILITY.
  • Scroll down to the bottom and search for the VOLUME LIMIT.
  • Once you see it, tap on it to turn it off.

But suppose you don't want to turn off the VOLUME LIMIT feature as explained above. Maybe, you are in a noisy place and will like to increase the volume of your Airpods.

Increase your Airpods volume through the volume control on your phone. Click on "I KNOW" when you get a pop-up notification on the VOLUME LIMIT set to protect your hearing. Then you can turn the volume all the way up and enjoy the audio coming in from your Airpods.

4. Your Airpods, iPhone, or Mac needs to be updated

If your Airpods or Apple devices are not updated when a new update is released, they might begin to act up due to software issues.

One of the issues you might notice is low audio coming out from your Airpods. In this case, you must update your Apple device and Airpods to the latest version.

Here is how you can check if there is any update available for your device:

  • On your Apple device, go to SETTINGS, then click on GENERAL.
  • Scroll down in search of SOFTWARE UPDATE. Once you see it, select it and check if an update is available.
  • If there is, you will see an option to update. Tap on it.

To check updates for your Airpods:

  • Go to your iPhone SETTINGS and select DEVICES.
  • Choose your Airpods and then check what firmware version you have under the Airpods settings.
  • Ensure it is the latest one. If not, you will see an option for it to be updated.

5. Low battery left on Airpods

When charging your Airpods, make sure it charges properly. Your Airpods won't play any audio if your Airpods are low or out of battery. So, ensure that your Airpods and charging case has enough battery power left before using them.

How to know if your Airpods are charging correctly?

Once you put your Airpods back in their charging case, your Airpods case LED will flash a steady red. This red light means it is charging correctly.

Listening to audio on the Airpods Max

6. Reset your equalizer settings

Suppose you are wondering what an equalizer setting is. In that case, it is a setting that allows you to tune the frequency response of every headphone or speaker to match how we hear sound.

So if the sound coming out of your Airpods are low, quiet, or unusual, you will want to adjust the equalizer settings to make them balanced. This adjustment can return the audio from your Airpods to a satisfactory audio level.

Better still, you can turn it off to reset your audio to normal. To turn off the equalizer settings on your Apple device:

  • Go to SETTINGS, then select MUSIC.
  • Tap on EQUALIZER.
  • Then, turn it off to make the audio go back to normal.

7. Bluetooth synchronization issues

If you are having troubles with the Bluetooth on your Airpods, this might also result in low audio. Ensure that you set it up correctly and that they are paired to your device successfully.

Sometimes, you have to disconnect and reconnect your Airpods in your device's Bluetooth settings to resolve this issue. A simple way to fix the problem is:

  • Turn down your Airpods volume to zero while it's connected to your device.
  • With the Airpods in your ear, disconnect them from your device without unpairing or forgetting them.
  • Play music on your iPhone speaker and turn the volume down to zero too.
  • With both your Airpods and iPhone volume down at 0, reconnect them again and increase the volume.

This should solve the problem. Users from the Apple support forum have reported that it works. So, it is worth trying if you want to enjoy high-volume audio from your Airpods.

Do Airpods have GPS? (Answered)
Apple Airpods don’t have GPS or any internal GPS sensor. Still, you can track them using a connected iPhone’s GPS tech that is nearby. The map inside the “FIND MY” app of iPhone will show you the last place the Airpods were in the range of a connected IOS device.

How can I make my Airpods loud?

Since various reasons can make your Airpods quiet, you can also use various solutions to make them loud. Solutions have already been discussed above on how to make your Airpods loud under each point raised.

Try out the different solutions and see which one works for you.

Wrap up

Many Airpods users complain about their Airpods being low or quiet. This article contains various reasons and solutions to why this happens. Ensure you follow the steps mentioned above to increase the volume of your Airpods.

If you have any other questions concerning why your Airpods are low, kindly leave them in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading.

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