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If you're a new gamer, you've probably spent some time figuring out where the L3 button is on the Playstation 4 controller. It's not always easy to find, especially if you're used to playing games on other consoles. Don't worry; we're here to help.

This blog post will show you where the L3 button is located and explain what it does. So if you're ready, let's get started.

What is L3 on PS4 controller?

The L3 button on the Playstation controller is a pressure-activated button located under the left thumbstick/analog of the controller, below the directional buttons. It's easy to find if you're holding the controller correctly.

Just feel for it by placing your thumb on the left thumbstick/analog of the controller and depressing it. You will hear a clicking sound. That is the sound of the L3 button being pressed.

Most gamers do not know that the L3 button exists on a Playstation controller. They may have used it knowingly or accidentally while playing a game. This is because most video game programmers only assign a special function to the L3 button.

One common issue with the L3 button is that it is not labeled on Playstation controllers. If the Playstation 4 is your first gaming console, you'll need help knowing where it is, but legacy gamers have been using this button from Playstation one. All other action buttons ( X O [] /\ L1 R1 L2 R2) are labeled and are easily identifiable. So, let's look at what the L3 button does.

What does the L3 button on PS4 do?

The L3 button on PS4 adventure games is usually used for sprinting or making your character perform a special action while moving. Since most games use the L Analog for player/character movement, it only makes sense that the L3 button will control an extended action from what the L Analog controls.

This ensures gamers don't have to move their fingers to a different set of controls for the extended action of their in-game characters.

In FIFA, it is used in combination with the R3 button to lock on a currently used player and control only him. Thus, allowing Artificial Intelligence to control every other player except the player you are locked on. Most other games assign a special control to it.

There are exceptions where Playstation game programmers opt to ignore the L3 button entirely and do not map any controls to it, making it redundant.

To be sure of what the L3 button does for the game you are playing, check your gaming guide.

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How to use L3 on PS4 controller

To use the L3 button, press down your controller's left thumbstick/analog. You will hear a clicking sound, and your character will start sprinting or will perform a special action depending on the game. Just release the pressure from the thumbstick/analog to stop the action.

In some games, pressing the L3 button will not make your character perform any action. Again, this all depends on how the game developers have mapped the controls for each game.

Can you use L3 and Analog simultaneously?

Yes, you can use the L Analog and L3 Button simultaneously. This is especially useful in games where you must perform a special action while moving.

For example, in most first-person shooter games (FPS), you may need to use the L Analog and the L3 Button to sprint and move your character simultaneously. The same goes for racing games where you need to use the L Analog to steer and the L3 Button to either toggle headlamps on at night or activate nitrous.

Gamers who know how to use these simultaneous controls accurately usually have an advantage over their opponents.

A gamer pressing the L3 button on the L thumbstick

How to customize the L3 button on PS4 controller

The L button on the PS controller can be customized from the button configurations menu of your game.

To do this for most games, Go to Settings either during gameplay by pressing the pause button or before gameplay during the configurations settings of your game.

Look for the button configurations menu. For most game titles, you should be able to remap what each button does. Look for L3 and remap it to the control you like.

For some other games, the button configuration is set once the game begins playing. You can usually find an option to change this in your game's main menu or settings menu.

Alternatives to using L3 on the PS4 controller

There are no alternatives to L3 on a PS4 controller. It is a dedicated button on the PS4 controller. Since most PlayStation console games can only be played with gamepads, finding an alternative to the L3 will be difficult.

The only workaround to this is to remap the L3 function of your game to another button. Now, this other button becomes the alternative to using the L3 button on the PS4 controller.

L3 button on other gaming controllers

The L3 button can also be found on other gaming controllers such as the Xbox One controller and the Nintendo Switch Pro controller.

The L3 button on these controllers works similarly to the way the PlayStation L3 button works.  It can be used for in-game actions such as sprinting, firing, or other gameplay functions.

On the Xbox One controller, the L3 button is located underneath the left thumbstick. The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller has a similar layout to the Xbox One controller, with the L3 button being located in the same spot.

Is the R3 opposite of L3

Yes, the R3 button is the opposite of the L3 button on a gaming controller. The R3 button is on the controller's right side underneath your right thumbstick.

The R button performs similar functions to the L button. It can be used for in-game special actions.

On the PlayStation controller, the R3 button is usually mapped to perform different actions in different games.

Even though they are opposites, the L3 and R3 buttons are sometimes pressed together in some games to produce a super move.  This depends on how the game developers have mapped the controls.

A gamer using the L3 button during gameplay

Troubleshooting issues of the L3 on your controller

There are a few issues that may affect your L3 button. Some of the most common issues and their remedies are shown below:

  • Loss of responsiveness: If your L button suddenly becomes unresponsive, check your controller's battery level and make sure it isn't running low. You can also try resetting your controller by pressing the reset button on the back. If this doesn't work, you must take it to a PlayStation technician to disassemble it and check what is wrong.
  • Sprint Glitch: It is technically not a sprint glitch, but it is the name commonly given to it. It refers to a situation where the build-up of debris within the controller causes the L3 button to stop functioning. To remedy this, you need to clean your controller regularly. You can also try moving the L thumbstick multiple times in every conceivable direction, including pressing it and lifting it up. If this doesn't work, take it to a Playstation technician to disassemble it and clean it up.
  • Damaged thumbstick:  One of the reasons why your L thumbstick might be unresponsive is because it is physically damaged or stuck in one position. If this is the case, it may be time to change your controller.
  • Unrecognized controller: Sometimes, not only the L thumbstick but the complete controller will fail to register properly on the PlayStation console.  You should try resetting both your controller and your PS console. If this doesn't work, there may be a problem with the controller's Bluetooth and you will need to get it checked by a technician.

These are some of the most common issues that you may face with your L button. Hopefully, you found the troubleshooting tips helpful.

Frequently Asked Questions about L3 on Playstation 4 controller

Q. Can I remap the L3 button on my PS controller?

A. Yes, you can. You need to find the button configurations menu for the game you are playing, and you can remap the L3 button from there.

Q. Is it normal for my L button to feel stiff?

A. No, it is not. If your L button feels stiff, it may be an indication that the button is worn out and you need to replace your controller.

Q. I think my L3 button is stuck. What should I do?

A. The first thing you need to do is to inspect the controller for any damage. Then,  try using physical movements in different directions to see if you can set it back into place. If this doesn't work, take it to a technician to check it out.

Q. Why is my L3 button not working when I am using a specific game?

A. It could be that the game doesn't support the use of an L3 button or that the function has been disabled in the settings. You should check the game's manual or online forums to find out more about L3 button for that game.

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Wrap up

In conclusion, the L3 button is also an important part of the PlayStation controller that is located beneath the L Analog thumbstick. It is usually used for special controls during gameplay such as sprinting. However, the L3 button is also susceptible to wear and tear due to its position. Thankfully, there are a few troubleshooting tips that you can try at home before taking it to a technician.

I hope you found this article helpful. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment. Thanks for reading.

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