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As much as we all love our Airpods, there may be a time when we may want to sell them off. Maybe we got a new pair for Christmas, or maybe we just don't need them anymore.

But where can you sell your Airpods? And more importantly, how can you get the best price for them? There are several places you can do so. However, selling your Airpods may not be as easy as it seems.

In this blog post, we'll discuss the best ways to sell your Airpods and provide tips on how to get the best price for them. We'll also provide a few suggestions on where to sell them. So, if you're looking to sell your Airpods, keep reading.

Where can I sell my Airpods?

Your Airpods are made up of lithium-ion batteries that depreciate over time. This means that in a few years, your Airpods will most likely die off. Most retailers (Apple, Best Buy, etc.) know this, so they won't buy your used Airpods from you.

This has made selling second-hand or used Airpods hard. But we will tell you where you can sell them.

1.     Amazon

Amazon gives the best value for serviceable, cracked, or broken Airpods.

Amazon pays the same price for Airpods in some cases, not minding the make. So, you can get an even amount for both the first and second-generation Airpods and also for either the wireless or wired charging case.

Amazon offers sellers a considerable amount for good Airpods. i.e. Airpods that still turn on, don't have a crack in them and work perfectly. If you try to sell Airpods that have a crack on them but still work, Amazon will offer a lower price for them, and if they have a crack on them and don't turn on, they will offer way less for it.

How to sell your Airpods to amazon

Amazon already made selling your Airpods easy for you, all you need to do is click   HERE to see the steps to take.

Can you connect Airpods to Dell or HP laptops? (Answered)
Yes, you can connect your Airpods to your dell or HP laptop. Although Airpods are made for Apple products, you can still connect them to devices from other brands.

2.     9 to 5 powered by MyPhonesUnlimited

9 to 5 offers the best value for second-generation Airpods with a wired charging case.

9 to 5, powered by MyPhonesUnlimited, unlike Amazon, offers more for the latest Airpods model but they are a little pickier than amazon.

9 to 5 will pay you more considering the price Amazon pays for a working second-generation Airpods, the charging case, and cord inclusive.

Regardless of the type of charger you have, whether wireless or wired, you still get the same amount. For the first-generation Airpods, you will get a good price if they are working perfectly.

Irrespective of the model, 9 to 5 pays low for Airpods that are 'excessively dirty' and have 'low volume'. If you have a cracked Airpods or one that is not turning on, 9 to 5 won't buy them. You will have to go to amazon.

How to sell your Airpods on 9 to 5

Go to, and select the model of Airpods you want to sell. The price they are willing to pay for your Airpods will appear on the screen and you can select 'GET PAID'. You will be asked to log in. After this, the steps to take in order to ship your Airpods to them will be explained on the site.

3.     Buy Back Tronics

BuyBackTronics gives the best value for absolutely flawless wireless Airpods

Among the 3 mentioned, BuyBackTronics are the most difficult to please. Even if your Airpods are fully functional and don't have any cracks or chips, BuyBackElectronics won't buy them if they show signs of heavy use.

But if they are functional without any scratch or signs of heavy use, they will pay a considerable amount for a pair with a wired or wireless charging case. The price for the wired case is slightly lesser than that of a wireless case. You get a better price for Airpods that are as good as new with a wired or wireless case.

Airpods in its original packaging

How to sell your Airpods on BuyBacktronics

Go to, then click on the Airpods icon. You will be asked to sign up or log in. After that, select the model of Airpods you want to sell.

Then you will be asked a series of questions about the condition of the Airpods. You will also be asked if it has a charging case.

After this, the price they are willing to pay for your Airpods will show on the screen and you can select the 'ADD TO BOX'. Every other step to take in order to ship your Airpods will be explained on the site.

4.  Your friends and other used goods resale sites

This method gives the best value and flexibility for all models of Airpods if you are smart about it.

When other options to sell off your Airpods fails, you can turn to your friends or resale sites. Someone you know or someone from the internet may be willing to buy it but at a cheaper rate since they have old Airpods.

Ask around to know how much people are willing to buy, so you don't sell it below the average price. Also, you will have to employ some sales skills to convince someone to buy the Airpods.

Should I sell off my cracked Airpods?

If your Airpods have a crack on it or some other issue, you might be thinking it's best to sell them off while they still have some value. It is normal to think this way so that you can get some money for the Airpods before it damages completely.

But selling your Airpods when it has some issues shouldn't be the first thing you should think about. You can take it down to an Apple store for repairs or even trade it in for new ones if it's still covered under the Apple warranty or Applecare. Apple offers two service options to repair Airpods:

Carry-in repair: Here, you have to take your Airpods to an Apple store or an Apple-authorized service provider. You'll need to provide the serial number, and proof of purchase. You should also go along with the original Airpods case and packaging box.

Mail-in repair: If you don't have an Apple Store or Apple-authorized service provider nearby, you will have to mail your Airpods to them. Don't forget to Include your charging case and proof of purchase while shipping it.

It takes about one week for Apple to repair your Airpods. You can check Apple's website for more instructions on this.

How to get the most money from selling your used Airpods?

If you want to sell a used or second-hand product, it is likely that you will sell them way cheaper than you bought them. You wouldn't really have a choice as the product will be termed 'used'.

So, selling them for a good price will be quite difficult. But we can suggest certain actions to carry out in order to get the most money from selling your Airpods. Just follow through.

1. Clean your Airpods

No one will buy an Airpods that is dirty at a good price, I'm sure even you won't accept that. So what you need to do is carefully clean your Airpods.

What you need: Lint-free cloth, Q-tip or a cotton swab, a dry brush, and a toothpick or paper clip.

How: To clean your Airpods and their charging case, Apple recommends you use a neat lint-free cloth. Take each of the earbuds and use a neat lint-free cloth to clean them nicely.

Use a cotton swab to clean the pods in the charging case and use a toothpick to gently pick out dirt that the cotton bud can't clean off so they will look as clean as new ones.

Although Apple advises against using sharp objects to clean your Airpods, you may sometimes require it to deal with tough residue.

Use a toothpick or the side of a paper clip to carefully pick out any earwax that's stuck in the earbuds and also the charging case. Ensure you do this with extra care, so you don't break anything in either of the earbuds.

Finally, use a cotton swab or Q-tip to clean off the mesh on the Airpods openings. You can also use an old toothbrush to brush out any remaining debris.

Warning: When cleaning your Airpods, do not use water or any liquid solution. The first and second-generation Airpods are not water-resistant or waterproof, so using any liquid substance to clean them may damage the Airpods. This will then reduce the value or even make them worthless in the market.

2.     Package the Airpods neatly

Once you are done cleaning the Airpods, you need to package them in a pleasing way. If you still have the packaging box that came with it when you bought it, it will be an advantage. But if you don't have it anymore, don't get worked up about it. Go get a nice packaging case that will suit it when you present it for sale.

Newly purchased Airpods being unboxed

3.     Repair your Airpods if cracked

You won't get a good price for a cracked Airpods. Companies like BuyBackElectronics won't even purchase it. So what you should do is take it to an Apple store or an Apple-authorized service provider so they can take care of it.

If you are to pay to repair, weigh your options, then follow the one that provides you with the most value. i.e if it will cost more to repair than sell, then just go to Amazon and collect what they offer for cracked Airpods.

Can I trade in my Airpods?

Yes, you can trade-in your Airpods with Apple. Apple allows you to trade in your Airpods for Apple Gift Cards (which can be used anytime) or credits that you can use towards your next purchase.

If the Airpods are damaged or rejected due to ineligibility to trade, you can still turn them in so that Apple can recycle them properly for you. No matter the condition of your Airpods, they can still be useful and they can be managed in a way that it will not harm the environment if disposed of.

How does Apple trade-in work?

To trade in your Apple Airpods or devices, simply walk into an Apple store and the device will be given a trade-in valuation. If you accept the valuation, you will be provided with credits for your next purchase or Apple gift cards that can be used anytime.

You can also try trading it online. You will be asked a few questions about the brand of the device, the model, and its condition. Based on your answers, Apple will provide an estimated trade-in value or a way to recycle the device.

If you accept the online valuation, they will arrange for you to send the device to them (Apple). When the device is received, it will be inspected and if everything checks out they will supply you with credits that will go towards you making an Apple device purchase or they will send you a gift card via email, depending on your preference.

However, if you reject their valuations of your Airpods or Apple device, your device will be returned to you at no charge.

Can you connect Airpods to Chromebook?
Yes, you can connect Airpods to a chromebook. Connecting Apple Airpods to other devices such as chromebook can sometimes be challenging, as Airpods are originally meant to be paired with Apple devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much does it cost to repair my cracked Airpods?

A. If you want to repair your Airpods or the charging case, Apple provides a one-year warranty or 2-year warranty through Applecare. If your Airpods have passed the warranty period, you need to chat with Apple customer care to know how much you will be required to repair or replace them.

Tip: if the price to repair your Airpods will cost you more than how much you will sell it if it's working fine, then sell it off instead of being at a loss.

Q. How much can I sell my Airpods?

A. There is no specific price you can sell your Airpods, it all depends on who you are selling them to. There are other factors that determine how much your Airpods are worth like how good the Airpods are, if it's cracked, still working, very neat, with a wired or wireless charger, and the volume level.

Q. Can I sell a single Airpod?

A. Yes you can sell a single Airpod. Though not to the companies listed above as they won’t accept them. But you can sell it to your friends. All you need to do is convince them to buy it, especially those who have only that single Airpod missing from their own set.

Wrap Up

In this blog post, we explained where to sell your Airpods like Amazon, 9to5Mac, BuyBackElectronics, resale sites, and to family and friends. Also, the blog post explained the process involved in trading in your Airpods with Apple. We do hope you found the answers you were searching for here.

If you have any other questions about where to sell your Airpods, feel free to leave them in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading.

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