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One of Apple's best products is the Airpods. Their smooth, simple user interface has won admirers worldwide and silenced those who mock their innovative designs.

Apple has not rested on its efforts and still rolls out higher models of Airpods from time to time since the release of Airpods 1.

Suppose you already have Airpods 1 and are considering upgrading to Airpods 2. In that case, we will provide helpful insight to help you choose better. We will give a brief spec comparison and go over some features to help you decide.

Do Airpods 1 and 2 use the same case?

Yes, the Airpods 1 and 2 use the same case for regular charging. However, the Airpods 2 can also be charged wirelessly by a Qi-compatible wireless charging case.

The Qi-compatible wireless charging case eliminates the need to plug a lightning cable into a charging case to supply power. The wireless charger is placed on a charging mat, and power is transferred to it wirelessly.

Do Airpods 1 and 2 have the same Physical Appearance and Size?

Yes, the Airpods 1 and 2 have the same physical size. Hence, the reason why they use the same charging case. Also, you may find it difficult to notice any visible difference between the base model of Airpods 1 and Airpods 2.

In other words, Airpods 1 and 2 are identical in style, colors, and size. The main difference is in their battery and charging case.

11 Simple Reasons why Airpods Pro is so Expensive?
Considering some of its premium features, it should not be surprising that the Airpods Pro is pricey. Here are eleven reasons why they are expensive:

Airpods 1 chips vs Airpods 2 chips

Apple's W1 chip is used in various Beats headphones, including the Airpods 1. The Apple watch even inherited this chip later.

Apple currently uses the more recent H1 processor as the baseline for its audio products. This chipset is also present in the Airpods 2, Airpods Pro, Airpods Max, and some Beats headphones, including the Powerbeats and Powerbeats Pro.

The W1 and H2 chips vary in the following ways:

  • The more recent H1 model supports the "Hey, Siri" vocal commands to activate Apple's digital assistant. When using the Airpods 1, you must tap on the stem of the Airpod to activate Siri.
  • Compared to W1 chips, H1 chips in the Airpods 2 have a 30% reduced latency (excellent for gaming) and offer a 50% increase in talk time duration. You might not notice the change, but it would be noticeable if you usually use Airpods while watching a movie or playing a video game.
  • The AirPod 2 H1 chip offers a more reliable connection to your device than the original Airpods 1. In addition, it switches faster between active devices like the iPhone, iPad, or Apple watch.

What is the difference in battery life between Airpods 1 and Airpods 2?

The Airpods 1 can only support two hours of talk time. The charging case provides extra juice to keep you going for up to 24 hours and uses a lightning cable to get power. The Airpods 1 uses Bluetooth 4.2 and tap controls for access.

In contrast, the Airpods 2 can support three hours (a 50 percent improvement)of listening time. The charging case also provides extra juice to extend its use up to 24 hours.

The Airpods 2 superior battery means it will outlast the Airpods 1 if used for the same purpose.

Does Airpods 2 have wireless charging?

Yes, Airpods 2 has wireless charging capability. Without mentioning wireless charging, the features of the Airpods 2 will not be complete. For an additional cost, you can choose to upgrade your new Airpods 2 case to a Qi-compatible wireless charging case.

The wireless charging case provides charging convenience by simply placing the case on a charging mat. You won't have to fiddle with wires.

This wireless charging feature is not available for Airpods 1.

Although, using wireless charging is slower than conventional charging by lightning cable.

Airpods 2

What is the difference in price between Airpods 1 and Airpods 2?

Prices of the Airpods are subject to change due to dynamic economic conditions. Different vendors offer different deals depending on the time of the year. Airpods 1 prices begin from $90. Check around your local vendor for current prices.

Airpods 2 have changed things up a bit by providing a variety of options:

  • It starts from $129 with a charger case and lightning cable.
  • Wireless charging cases for Airpods 2 start at $79.
  • $199 gets you Airpods 2 with a wireless charging case.

Additionally, this implies that customers who own the Airpods 2 can buy the wireless charging case. The wireless charging case is compatible with any Qi-compatible charging mat.

Do Airpods 2 have better Sound performance than Airpods 1?

It's evident that Apple built both Airpods to be efficient, and Airpods 2 are undoubtedly an improvement. Unfortunately, AirPod 2's sound quality remained unchanged from that of Airpods 1.

Although both Airpods have quality audio and are adequate for their intended use. Users would have enjoyed a tweak in the audio quality to add to the differentiation between Airpods 1 and 2.

Is Airpods 2 more efficient than Airpods 1?

In terms of power management, the Airpods 2 has a more efficient power management system. This efficiency is evident because it has a longer battery life than the Airpods 1.

Also, Airpods 2 new H1 chip allows it to pair and switch between devices faster. Additionally, Airpods 2 have a 30% lower latency, which is perfect for gamers who demand this performance.

SIRI is activated by voice in Airpods 2, making it more efficient than the tap gestures activation that activates the AI assistant in Airpods 1.

Are Airpods 1 and 2 Waterproof and Water Resistance?

Regarding water resistance, Apple indicates that both Airpods 1 and Airpods 2 are not waterproof or water resistant. Though both Airpods have been known to work after coming in contact with water, it is advisable to keep them away from moisture and all liquids.

A Qi-compatible wireless charging mat

Should I upgrade to Airpods 2?

Yes, you should upgrade to Airpods 2 if you can afford it. Even if Apple's Airpods weren't the first fully wireless earbuds, they are the most popular. The AirPod 2 is one of the most widely used wireless earbuds.

This popularity was not always the case. Many critics criticized the first generation of Airpods when they debuted in 2016 because of their unusual look. But those viewpoints have changed over time.

Since the initial Airpods reached shop shelves, they have become a common sight. It's impossible not to spot someone wearing Airpods on a college campus, in the gym, or traveling by public transportation.

Even better, there are a ton of accessories for Airpods due to how well-known and widely used they have become. There are numerous ways to customize your Airpods, whether you want to add a stylish case, use a wireless charger, or use ear hooks.

Why do my Airpods die so fast? (Explanation and Remedy)
Your Airpods die faster because they contain small lithium-ion batteries, which deteriorate over time as you keep using your Airpods. This means that the more you use your Airpods, the lesser their battery capacity becomes until it dies off.

The Airpods 2 are made to be considerably more comfortable in the outer region of your ear. When worn, the Airpods 2's distinctive design can make them feel so light and comfortable that you might forget you're wearing them.

In fact, many users forget they are wearing them since they are so comfy. Unfortunately, they don't fit everyone perfectly. The Airpods 2 may be uncomfortable if your ears are too small. If your ears are too large, they may fall out entirely.

Although Apple made the Airpods 2 to accommodate a variety of ear shapes and sizes, some users prefer a more conventional earbud style that involves ear tips.

If you are more comfortable with replaceable ear-tip styled earbuds, consider upgrading to the Airpods Pro.

Even while they don't fit everyone perfectly, the Airpods 2 enduring popularity shows that it works incredibly well if the shape is right for you.

Wrap up

Despite all the differences in this article, there isn't much of a visual design difference between Airpods 1 and 2. If you were to compare them only visually, you couldn't tell which Airpods is in front of you. It probably isn't worth upgrading to Airpods 2 if you're content with your Airpods 1. Still, an investment in a wireless charging case and a longer battery life might not be a bad idea to make your life easier.

Beyond these, there are few significant differences between Airpods 1 and 2. We hope you find this article educative enough to choose between Airpods 1 and 2.

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