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Apple devices come with superb functionality that makes human lives simpler. You can use the Apple Watch can be used for a variety of workouts, including mixed cardio.

In order to use the Apple Watch effectively, it should be able to track fitness levels for the various types of workouts it offers, including mixed cardio. So, what exactly is mixed cardio, and how is it applicable to the Apple Watch?

We will answer this question in this blog post and provide you with other relevant information about this topic.

What is Mixed Cardio on Apple Watch?

Mixed cardio on Apple Watch is a variety of exercises that can be done with or without gyming equipment using an Apple watch to estimate and track your motion and heart activity.

Mixed cardio is not listed in the initial set of workouts on the Apple Watch. You have to tap on "others" to add it to your menu of workout types.

Mixed cardio on the Apple watch enhances your performance as it tracks your activity over different aerobic workouts.

The Apple Watch uses sensors like a blood oxygen sensor, an electric heart sensor, an accelerometer, and a gyroscope to provide accurate results for your activities.

You can also control your calls, send texts and play music via the Watch while you work out.

How to use the Apple Watch app for Mixed Cardio workout

The workout app on the Apple Watch tracks your activity using the heart rate monitor and motion sensors. Walking, running, swimming, yoga, pilates, and mixed cardio are some workout activities included in the Watch.

To start a mixed cardio workout:

  • Tap the workout app icon on your Apple Watch.
  • When the workout app opens, you will see a range of activities to choose from.
  • Turn the digital crown or swipe up and down for the screen to scroll through the workouts.
  • If you cannot find "Mixed Cardio," scroll down until you see "Add Workouts." Tap on it.
  • Locate Mixed Cardio and add it to the workout menu.
  • Open the Mixed Cardio app.
  • If you don't want to set a goal, tap on your chosen workout to start.
  • If you're going to set a goal, tap on the three dots. (for cardio-based activities, you can only set time).
  • Tap on an icon to choose from Time, Distance, or an open goal. (An open goal means you've set no particular goal but still want your Apple watch to track your workouts.
  • Tapping on the open goal icon will start your workout immediately.
  • If you tap on Distance or Time, you are given the option to input your desired goal.
  • Press Start to begin your workout.
  • Once you have started your workout, your Watch will count from three.
What is Activation Lock on Apple watch? (full explanation)
The Activation Lock on Apple Watch is a security feature that prevents your Watch from being used by someone else if it’s lost or stolen. In case your Watch is stolen or goes missing, the Activation Lock will lock it down, and the thief won’t be able to reactivate it for use.

What is HIIT cardio?

HIIT (high-intensity interval training) is simply a cardio exercise method consisting of a short, intense aerobic session at almost full power followed by a more extended rest period to enhance energy expenditure and improve cardiovascular exercise.

According to fitness experts, the high-intensity intervals should entail exercising for 5 seconds to 8 minutes at an intensity of 80 to 90% of your maximum heart rate.

What is the difference between HIIT and mixed cardio?

1. Efficiency

  • HIIT cardio requires less time commitment. As little as some minutes per week
  • Mixed cardio requires a longer time commitment. The effect of mixed cardio is experienced after 20 minutes.

2. Fat burn

  • HIIT cardio promotes sustainable weight loss. More calories are used up due to high intensity, repair, and recovery.
  • In Mixed cardio, Calories are burnt only during exercise. Weight loss results from both muscle mass and body fat loss.

3. Metabolism

  • HIIT cardio has a lower metabolism rate due to the small duration of exercises.
  • Mixed cardio boosts metabolism during exercise. The longer the duration of the activity, the faster the metabolism.

4. Fitness gains

  • HIIT cardio produces better fitness gain in both aerobic and anaerobic zones.
  • Mixed cardio gives you low but improved Aerobic fitness.

5. Recovery time

  • HIIT involves a quick burst of movements while involving more recovery time. Examples are - planks, jacks, and mountain climbers.
  • Mixed cardio requires less recovery and can be done at a steady pace for an extended period, such as brisk walking, hiking, etc.
HIIT icon on Apple Watch

How does the Apple Watch track your Activity?

Every movement counts toward a more active life when you wear your Apple Watch. Here's how to track your activity and close the activity rings on your Apple Watch daily. You can do this from the Activity app on your Watch.

  • Open the Activity app on your Apple Watch to get a quick glimpse of your activity rings.
  • The red Move ring tracks all your active calories as you move throughout your day, whether you're going outside to get the mail, cleaning the house, or dancing around your living room.
  • The green Exercise ring shows you how many minutes of brisk activity you've completed, whether you're out on a walk, taking the stairs, or exercising with the workout app.
  • The blue ring tracks how frequently you stand or stroll. If you've been stationary for too long, your Watch will nudge you to move around for at least one minute per hour.
  • You'll close each ring when you hit your goal for the day.
Activity app on Apple Watch

Frequently Asked Questions about tracking workouts on Apple Watch

Q. Is Apple Watch a reliable fitness tracker?

A. Yes, the apple watch is a reliable fitness tracker. Although this depends on the app you choose to track your fitness, it impacts its efficiency.

Q. Can I use an Apple Watch to be more fit?

A. Yes, you can. Aside from the internet, knowing which physical activities result in calorie loss by using the Watch to track workouts leads to an unintentional increase in physical activity. It motivates you to exercise more like winning at a slot machine encourages you to keep playing.

Q. Is Apple Watch accurate for calorie burn?

A. The Apple Watch does not display a pure, accurate calorie burn, as it is just like every other fitness tracker. However, it is helpful to get a sense of your progress. You can determine the number of calories you've burnt because it knows your age, weight, and size and the data from your pedometer.

Q. Will my Apple Watch still count steps and other fitness activity stuff if I'm locked out of it?

Yes, your apple watch will still count the steps and other fitness activity stuff even if you're locked out. However, it will be updated to the current status after it has been unlocked. Your steps will be counted regardless of what else you're doing on your iPhone or Apple Watch while moving.

Can you wear Apple watch inside your wrist? (Answered)
No, you cannot wear Apple Watch on the inside of your wrist. The design of the watch is such that it can only be worn on the top side of the wrist.

Wrap up

If you're a fitness enthusiast, the Apple Watch is a must-have. It helps you track your workouts and health data when utilized well.

This article has explained all there is to know about mixed cardio on the Apple watch. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below. Thanks for reading.

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