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It's happened to all of us. You're listening to your favorite song on your Galaxy Buds when suddenly the sound cuts out. You try reconnecting them, but nothing seems to work. Maybe you've even had to go through the hassle of resetting your phone completely because of a Bluetooth connection issue with your earbuds.

Well, we have some good news for you- there is an easier way to reset your Galaxy Buds without going through all that trouble.

In this article, we will explore various ways to reset a Samsung galaxy bud.

How to reset my Samsung galaxy earbuds using the galaxy wearable app

If you want to reset your buds using your phone, you must ensure that you have the Galaxy wear app installed or you can download it from the play store for any android phone that is not Samsung's. You must also ensure that the battery level of your earbuds is at a minimum level of 20%. Then follow the steps below:

  • Open the Galaxy Wear app or galaxy buds app (for iPhone) on your phone.
  • Pair your Samsung galaxy buds with your Phone.
  • Tap Settings in the wear or buds app.
  • For galaxy buds, tap about earbuds.
  • Then, tap reset or reset earbuds.
  • Finally, tap reset again to confirm.
  • Your buds will now restart after some time.
Screenshot of the Galaxy wear app main menu
Galaxy wear app showing the earbuds settings
Galaxy wear app on the reset menu

Please note that when you perform this type of reset, all of the initial settings you have done will return back to default settings. So, you have to reconnect the earbuds to your phone. Also, the two buds have to be connected to your phone when you are doing this reset.

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How to reset my Samsung galaxy buds without a phone

Some buds like the galaxy buds, galaxy buds pro, and galaxy buds live to have a touch sensor at the side of the earbuds. These sensors can also be used to reset the Samsung galaxy buds without needing a phone or mobile device. To do this:

  • Tap and hold the sensors at the side of the earbuds for 10 secs or more.
  • Place the earbuds correctly on their charging case.
  • Close the lid and wait for 30 secs or more.
  • Remove the earbuds and check if the issues that caused you to reset them have been fixed.

Please note that the buds must be powered on for this reset.

How to restart my Samsung earbuds manually (simple reboot)

You may also decide to restart rather than reset your galaxy buds. The good thing is that this can be done manually. All you need to do is a  simple restart. To manually restart:

  • Place your wireless earbuds on its charging slot inside its charging case.
  • Close the lid of the case and wait for 10 secs or more.
  • This will cause the earbuds to restart.
  • Bring out the buds to use them, they will automatically connect to your phone after the restart.

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At times when a simple restart does not solve a problem, that is when you do a hard or factory reset as outlined in paragraph number 1.

When do you reset galaxy buds?

Resetting your galaxy buds is a way of solving various problems that you might be experiencing with your earbuds. The time to reset your galaxy buds is :

  • When you are experiencing poor sound quality issues like no sound output or echo and reverberations.
  • When you are experiencing device Pairing Problems that is preventing the buds from connecting with your phone.
  • When you switch to a different or new phone and need to reconnect the buds with a different setting.
  • When you experience power and battery issues that may prevent the buds from charging properly.

When any of the above problems are encountered, starting over on a clean slate may be necessary. This will ensure that you input fresh settings allowing the buds to work without issues.

Frequently Asked Questions about resetting Samsung galaxy earbuds

Q: What happens when you reset the buds

A: When you do a factory or hard reset of your earbuds, all settings and configurations will return to their original settings. If you have paired your earbuds with a phone before this reset, you will need to pair them again after completing the reset.

Q: Why can't I see my Bluetooth devices on my Samsung galaxy phone?

A: The pairing process is done through an app on your device called 'Galaxy wear,' which allows it to communicate directly with your earphones for Bluetooth connectivity. Ensure that the Galaxy wear app has been installed on your device. Ensure that the battery level of your earbuds is at a 30% minimum to facilitate a successful pairing between the two devices.

If you have tried all of the above and still cannot see your earphones on your phone, then it may be necessary to reset them as outlined in this article.

Q: Why do I need to factory reset my Samsung galaxy earbuds?

A: You would need to reset your buds for various reasons. The most common one is when they stop connecting with other devices like mobile phones and tablets or if the connection suddenly drops, leaving you with no sound. You can also decide to factory reset them if they do not charge properly.

Another reason would be an issue involving firmware updates that prevents them from working as expected after an update has been installed. You can also reset your buds if you have switched from one device to another and need to pair them up.

Mystic Bronze
Using the Samsung Galaxy Buds to listen to music

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Q: How can I factory or hard reset my Samsung galaxy earbuds?

A: The process of factory or hard resetting the buds is outlined in detail above. It may be due to hardware damage if you still experience difficulties after trying these methods. You may need to visit a Samsung technician to check your earbuds out.

Q: Why does my phone not connect with Galaxy Buds even though I have paired them before?

A: For the Galaxy Buds to be able to communicate with your mobile phone, it must first be paired with the phone. This is only done once during initial pairing so you will need to do it again each time you switch from one phone to another.

For the earphones to be able to connect with your mobile device, your phone must have Bluetooth activated. If you turn off Bluetooth on the phone, the connection will not automatically occur.

You may have also manually deleted or ignored the pairing request in the first place. If your phone does not automatically see the earphones after they have been paired successfully, then you will need to delete them manually and start over.

Q: Why won't my Samsung galaxy earbuds connect to my other Bluetooth devices?

A: The first thing you should try is to completely forget about the earphones on your device and then reconnect by rediscovering them.

If this does not help, you may want to de-register the earpieces from your Galaxy Wear app if needed. Turn off Bluetooth for a few seconds before turning it back on again, and try connecting with your devices afterward.

Q: What happens when the Bluetooth connection to the Samsung galaxy earbuds is lost?

A: If you lose your phone or leave your range, the earphones will automatically disconnect from your mobile device. For them to be reconnected with each other, simply turn on Bluetooth when in range.

Make sure that you are close enough to one another when trying to pair up again with your previously paired device because this state of connection has a range of about 10 meters.

Different shades of Samsung Galaxy Buds being displayed

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Wrap up

The Galaxy Buds are a great way to ensure you stay connected with your device without being tethered by wires. It is important, though, to keep the various issues and solutions in mind when they stop working properly. It may be necessary to reset them when experiencing any issue using one of the methods outlined above.

This will usually help solve any problems, but if not, there may be something wrong with hardware like charging ports or other parts which require professional assistance from Samsung technicians who can diagnose and repair them accordingly if needed.

It's also important to remember that Bluetooth connectivity only works within a range of 10 meters, so you'll need both devices close.

Hope you enjoyed the article.

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