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The Airpods case does a lot of work for the Airpods. Without the Airpods case, the Airpods will have limited functions. The Airpods case is the only way to recharge the Airpods and offers some form of physical protection.

But how about the case itself? How does it acquire the charge it provides to the Airpods? In this blog post, we will answer this question and explore other relevant information regarding the charging of the Airpods case.

How to charge Airpods case

Depending on the type of Airpods and Airpods case, there are two main ways to charge the Airpods; With a lightning cable and a Qi-compatible wireless charging mat.

To charge your Airpods Case with a cable, insert the other end of your lightning cable into a wall adapter or a USB port on your computer, then plug the other end into the charging port of the case to charge it.

This procedure supports the cases of all models of the Apple Airpods. However, Airpods 2 and later can also be charged using a wireless charging case. Just place the wireless charging case on a wireless charging pad plugged into a wall socket to charge it.

How does the AirPod wireless charging cases work?

The Airpods case wireless charging is similar to how cordless devices operate. Power is transferred wirelessly to the internal batteries in the Airpods case through what is known as Electromagnetic Induction.

In simple terms, the charging mat has a coil that creates a magnetic field that radiates outward from the electrical energy it receives. In turn, the wireless Airpods charging case has a coil that gets this magnetic field and uses its circuitry to convert it back to electrical energy used to charge its internal battery.

With wireless charging, charging your Airpods is a more straightforward task, as you just have to set the case down on a Qi charging mat and monitor the charging process of your Airpods case using the LED indicator on the case's front.

Charging an Airpods case wirelessly

How often do you charge the Airpods case?

If you use the Airpods case to charge your Airpods multiple times a day, you will need to charge the Airpods case daily or once every two days if you use the case sparingly.

The Airpods case is capable of holding multiple full charges for your Airpods. So, depending on how often you return the Airpods to their case to obtain charges, you may need to charge the case every 24 hours.

According to Apple, Airpods should last approximately five hours of music playback or roughly two hours of call time before it requires charging. This should help you decide how you want to use your Airpods case.

How to check Airpods case battery on iPhone

To check your Airpods case battery on an iPhone, follow the simple steps below:

  • Ensure your Airpods are connected to your iPhone.
  • Open the Airpods Case lid with the Airpods inside.
  • Then hold it near your iPhone.
  • Wait for a few seconds. The Battery Percentage of the charging case and Airpods will appear on your iPhone screen.
Checking battery level of Airpods case on an iPhone

How to check Airpods case battery on Android

Below are the steps to check for the battery life of your Airpods case and Airpods on an Android device.

  • Connect your Android phone to your Airpods.
  • Go into your Google play app, and download the "MaterialPods" app.
  • Tap on the "Enable" button at the bottom of the screen.
  • A notification will immediately pop up on the screen, showing you the battery levels of your Airpods case and Airpods.
  • For subsequent checks, simply slide down from the top of your phone screen to reveal the notification tray.
  • On the tray, you will see the MaterialPods bar showing you the battery level of your Airpods case and Airpods provided they are both nearby.
  • This MaterialPods notification can be disabled from your settings if you so choose.

We had to go through all these procedures because there is no built-in mechanism to check the battery level in the Airpods or other non-Apple devices.

The Airpods case and Airpods battery level for Apple devices are designed to automatically show up as a native feature.

Manual pairing is required to pair Airpods with non-Apple devices, and only a third-party app may be used to monitor the battery level.

How To Fix an AirPod or an Airpod Case Not Charging

If you've had problems with your Airpods not charging, whether it's not charging fully or if one Airpods charge faster than the other, I'll be offering five different methods to get them charging correctly again.

1. Keep things in your Airpods case clean

Let's start with the lightning port. The lightning port can be easily cleaned with a soft-bristled brush. You want to clean this port because it can build up dirt over time, especially if you carry these in your pocket or in an environment where it can accumulate that type of debris. Just use the soft bristles, work your way in there, and maybe shake it with a gentle tap to clean out any debris.

Another way to clean the case if the grime is stubborn is to take a small tool like a sim card remover or any other tool that can fit in. Use the tool to dislodge any stubborn grime. Be gentle as the connecting port is fragile and can easily damage if you use force.

2. Make sure your connectors and charging ports are clean

The connectors and charging ports can also collect debris or grime that may obstruct their contact points from connecting correctly to charge the Airpods.

To clean these ports, use clean Q-tips or cotton buds. You can also use a lint-free cloth with a pointy tool to clear any obstructions from the ports and connectors.

3. Allow the case charges to run out

Allowing the charges in the case wholly run out is another way to fix charging problems. This will cause the internal batteries to restart as a new charging cycle. Hopefully, this will solve any issues you were experiencing while trying to charge your Airpods.

Can others listen to my Airpods? (Answered)
Yes, other people can hear the sounds from your Airpods if they are close to you. This is possible because there may be sound leakage from the Airpods when the volume is turned way up, making it possible for people close to eavesdrop on the sound coming from it.

4. Reset the Airpods

This is very easy to do. Go over to your phone and forget your Airpods from the list of connected Bluetooth devices. Press the button at the back of your case for about 15 secs until the LED light flashes orange before turning back to white. They are now fully reset. Reconnect the Airpods back to your phone.

Resetting the Airpods solves several problems you may encounter, including charging issues.

5. Update your devices

Updates to your Airpods and iPhone software may contain solutions to fix bugs causing charging issues with your Airpods case and Airpods.

You must check for these updates regularly and update your iPhone to the latest software versions.

For the Airpods, there are no specific ways given by Apple to update the firmware. Once they are connected to your iPhone and are in their case, they usually get updated automatically.

Frequently Asked Questions about charging your Airpods case

Can I charge the Airpods case without Airpods?

Yes, of course. You definitely can charge the Airpods case without the Airpods in it. You just make the required cable or wireless connections, and that's it.

How can I charge my Airpods case faster?

To charge your AirPod case faster, use a Lightning USB cable connected to a plug. This is the fastest way. It is faster than using a wireless charging mat.

How do I know if my Airpods case is charging?

To know if your AirPod is charging, wait for a few seconds. The LED status light should display to indicate it is charging. The green light usually means that the battery is full.

Why does my Airpods case not charge?

Check your electrical connections to see if it's properly connected. Ensure that the lightning cable connection is securely attached to the charging case and the USB power adapter. After that, confirm that the power adapter is inserted correctly into a power outlet.

How long does it take to charge the Airpods case?

On average, it takes around one hour for the Airpods case to be fully charged. A fully charged Airpods holds around four to five rounds of full charge for the Airpods.

How to turn off or disable SIRI on Airpods (for All Models)
This article has outlined how to disable Siri for all models of Airpods and the Mac computer. Such details are helpful for those who find SIRI a nuisance or those who dislike using AI tools.

Wrap Up

Your Airpods case plays a crucial role in enabling the full and effective use of your Airpods. Maintaining a full charge and keeping them clean is essential for enjoying your Airpods and extending their longevity. Thanks for reading.

If you have any questions about charging Airpods case, please ask them in the comments below.

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