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If you're a big Apple fan and have bought an iPhone, MacBook, or other Apple product, you've probably run into the old AppleCare problem more than once. Do you want it? Why should you get it? Does it make sense? Sometimes it's hard to decide, but this post will tell you everything you need to know.

Whether you have one of the MacBooks, iPhones, iPods, or all of them, deciding whether or not to get AppleCare is always a bit of a puzzle. Even though most Apple products come with a one-year limited Applecare warranty that covers hardware failures and manufacturing defects, what happens if your device has issues after the year is up?

How long Applecare lasts and what it covers?

The standard Applecare from Apple lasts for one year, and you get it automatically when you purchase Apple products from Apple. It is free and covers defects or damages that are not the user's fault.

With AppleCare+, your iPhone warranty is doubled from one year to two years. Phone and chat support are also extended from 90 days to two full years. You can also get coverage for up to two accidents annually for a reasonably low service fee. For example, if you've broken your screen, it will only cost you around $29 to get a new one.

You can use the Express Replacement Service, which lets you order a replacement device to be sent to you before you send your broken device in to be fixed.

Does Applecare cover lost Airpods? (Answered)
Applecare does not cover lost or stolen Airpods. If you lose your Airpods or the charging case, you will have to purchase a replacement Airpod or case offered by Apple.

So, let's say you drop your iPhone, breaking the screen and denting the case enough that Apple can't just fix the screen alone —that's a $99 repair.

If the screen breaks but the rest of the phone is still in good shape - that's a $29 service. The warranty covers any problems with the phone and the battery, headphones, and other items that came with it.

Accidental damage is common, and it can be caused by anything, like water, drops, running it over, or your kid pouring liquids into the lightning port. Provided you have two incidents (or less) in the two-year coverage period; Apple will fix the device for you at a subsidized rate.

How Is Applecare+ Different From the Warranty That Comes With Apple Products?

Apple's default warranty plans are called "AppleCare" by the company. Every Apple product comes with a free AppleCare warranty service and phone/chat support for a certain amount of time. This is usually one year for the warranty and 90 days for phone support. You can extend the warranty by paying for a service called AppleCare+ that will protect your device and provide support for even longer, for up to 2 years.

How Much Does It Cost to Get Applecare+?

When deciding whether or not to buy AppleCare+, you should consider how much it will cost you upfront or each month, as well as how much the repair deductible will be. These numbers change depending on the device, the type of repair, and the year you access this information. So we'll divide them into groups and explain these costs as of 2022.

The deductible for AppleCare+ on an iPhone is $29 for damage to the screen, $99 for "any other accidental damage," or $149 (only in the US) for theft or loss with the premium plan.

Out of warranty, screen repairs will cost between $329 for iPhone 12 Pro Max and $129 for the iPhone SE. If your phone is stolen after the warranty is over, you'll have to buy a new one.

With AppleCare, you can also get new batteries for free. When the warranty is over, an iPhone Xs battery or later costs $69, while an older iPhone's battery from before that year will cost anything from $49.

For Theft and Loss, the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max costs $269 or $13.49 per month.

What Happens if I Sell the Item Before the Applecare+ Coverage Ends?

AppleCare can be passed on. Usually, when you buy an extended AppleCare+ plan and then sell the product, the remaining time on the plan goes with it. The buyer will get the rest of the coverage if you sell an Apple product before the AppleCare plan that came with it runs out. So AppleCare+ can be an added advantage to help you sell your used devices on the secondary market.

To pass an AppleCare plan to someone else, you need to give them your proof of purchase (receipt), the plan confirmation, and the contract. It would help if you also let Apple know by email, fax, or regular mail. Apple needs to see the plan's agreement number, the device's serial number, and how to get in touch with the new owner. The terms and conditions of Applecare explains everything.

Apple products covered by AppleCare

Does AppleCare+ make sense?

It depends on who purchases the plan and how you use your device. To determine if you'll need AppleCare+, you can use the prices listed in this post for a cost-benefit analysis.

For an iPhone SE, a screen repair outside the warranty will cost you $129, while AppleCare+ and a repair deductible will cost you $108.

The difference looks small enough that you could pay an extra $21 if you never need repairs. But if your screen breaks twice in three years, it will cost you $137 instead of $258 to repair it if you have Applecare+ cover.

On the other hand, for an iPad Pro, getting Applecare for $129 upfront and $49 for a broken screen is a steal compared to paying $649 for an out-of-warranty repair.

This makes Applecare+ worth it, even if you only break your screen once.

Quick tip: It is worth noting that an iPad kept at home is less likely to get broken than an iPad you take out daily.

You can also pay for your iPhone or iPad monthly in the US. The problem is that you'll have spent as much on it in about 20 months as you would have on the upfront cost, so it's not very cost-effective.

No matter what you want to insure, you have to look at the odds. Apple products are already pretty expensive, and the cost of a repair or replacement when it is out of warranty can quickly pile up. If you don't have Applecare or Applecare+ and the device gets into an accident, you'll instantly regret it.

Do I have to buy the product and AppleCare+ at the same time?

No, you don't have to buy Applecare+ immediately after you purchase your device. You can always buy it later before the expiration of the regular Applecare, but if you already know you want it, it's a good idea to buy AppleCare+ along with the product, so you don't forget. AppleCare+ is usually offered to you when you check out at the Apple store and on the Apple website. Authorized Apple resellers can also offer AppleCare+. But you have some time to decide. Apple gives you 60 days from the date you bought your device to buy AppleCare+.

If you live in Japan, you only have 30 days, and Apple has a page where you can check if your device is eligible. If you're still eligible, they will let you know that you can sign up for AppleCare+ at the top of Settings. Tap it to see how many days are left and buy your device's AppleCare+ (with or without protection against loss and theft).

How Do I Get Applecare+ for a Product I Didn't Buy From Apple Directly?

Getting it online is the best way. Check for the Service and Support page on Apple's website. Enter your device's serial number, it will tell you if you can still buy AppleCare+, and it will walk you through purchasing and registering it.

Remember that if you buy an AppleCare+ plan after the fact, you may have to put the device through a diagnostic test. After all, Apple has to make sure you're not trying to buy coverage for a device that's already broken. So, do it right away to cover your bases before buying the Applecare+.

How does the microphone on Airpods work? (Explained)
The microphone at the bottom of the stem is the primary microphone that listens to what you say. The second microphone on the Airpods is a beam-forming microphone whose only job is to pick up any sounds or external background noise and pass them to the internal Airpods chip to synthesize anti-noise.

Wrap up

When you buy an Apple product on the official Apple website or from an authorized reseller, you will be automatically enrolled in AppleCare, which gives you full product support and replacement parts.

This article has explained the Applecare warranty will last for only one year, except if you wish to extend it by purchasing the Applecare+ warranty.

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below. Thanks for reading.

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