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If you are a fan of Apple products, you might consider having the Airpods as a perfect accessory to the iPhone. But you are not sure if it comes with a purchased iPhone or if you have to buy it separately.

The iPhone is one of the most widely used smartphones in the world, so it's only natural that you want to enjoy its full capabilities by obtaining it with Airpods.

In this post, we'll provide information on whether your iPhone comes with Airpods - and, if not, what you can do about it.

Does an iPhone come with Airpods?

No, iPhones do not come with Airpods. Airpods are a stand-alone product from Apple that needs to be purchased separately. No matter the model of iPhone you wish to buy, Airpods are not included.

If you are not interested in buying the Airpods, you can use the standard wired headphones with your iPhone. But to enjoy your Apple device's full audio features, you must purchase the Airpods separately.

What headphones come with an iPhone?

Apple always includes wired earphones while packing its iPhone for older iPhone models. These wired earphones are an essential accessory for iPhones since most users believe they can obtain a good listening experience similar to Airpods to play music and make calls.

The first iPhone to the iPhone 6 came with earphones that had a 3.5 mm headphone jack. But from the iPhone 7, Apple stopped adding the headphone jack input to the iPhone. This is to improve the water-resistant ability of the phone and also to save internal space for other components. For this reason, the previous Apple earphones could no longer work with the new iPhones.

If you still have the earphone with the 3.5mm jack, you can connect to the newer iPhones through the lightning cable connector that is used to charge the iPhone.

Are Airpods good for phone calls? (Answered)
Yes, Airpods are good for phone calls. They have an outstanding sound quality compared to other earphones and wireless earbuds. They are also incorporated with quality microphones, which makes them suitable for phone calls.

Does iPhone 13 come with Airpods?

Like every newer iPhone model, the iPhone 13 doesn't come with Airpods. In short, the iPhone 13 only comes with a USB cable charger, so if you want to listen to music on your iPhone 13 with the wireless Airpods, you must purchase it yourself.

Regardless of the different iPhone 13 models, like the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, and iPhone 13 pro, they do not come with Airpods when purchased.

What accessories come with iPhone 13?

When buying a new iPhone 13, you notice that it comes in a thinner pack, unlike previous models of iPhones. The lighter package means that there are things you won't find in it.

In your iPhone 13 pack, you will see the Apple sticker, a USB lightning cable, and documentation. You can use this cable to charge your phone by plugging it into your laptop or a computer to sync.

You may have to get an adapter to connect your USB lightning cable to a power socket to use it to charge an iPhone.

Although previous iPhone models come with an adapter to make charging more straightforward, but since the iPhone 12 was released, you will have to purchase those accessories separately.

Apple believes they packaged the iPhone with the essential things it requires to function within its packaging. Every other extra function requires an accessory that will be sorted out or purchased by the user. Also, they realized that this new packaging eliminated the need for accessories found in the previous models by reducing the packaging size, shipping weight, and electronic waste.

Apple sees its reduction of electronic waste as part of its environmental duty. They believe that most people who want to get the iPhone 13 have previously owned older models of the iPhone, which come with a socket adapter and headphones. So, they won't need the extra accessories added to the iPhone 13 packaging.

Most mobile phone businesses align with Apple's commitment to the environment because they see it as a move encouraging the sale of more accessories.

An iPhone 4 unboxed, showing all its component accessories

How to get free Airpods when you buy an Apple product

Apple offers students, parents, and teachers great deals when purchasing Apple products. Through the Apple Education store, you can get a free set of second-generation model Airpods when you buy a new Macbook or iPad.

If you are studying in the United States, you don't need to provide an ID or certificate as proof. Here's how you can get it:

Go to the Apple Education Store (US)

Scroll down till you see Apple's promotions. Here you will see different categories of what to buy to get the free Airpods. For instance;

  • Buy Macbook Air and get Airpods
  • Buy MacBook Pro and get Airpods.
  • Buy iMac and get Airpods.
  • Buy Mac Pro or Mac Mini, and get Airpods.
  • Buy iPad Pro and get Airpods.
  • Buy iPad Air and get Airpods.

Select the promo you prefer

The above promos will be expatriated in the Apple Education Store (US). Buying on this platform is like buying products on every other e-commerce store. So you need to read through and select the device you want to buy.

As a student in the United States, you won't need to provide a student's ID for clarification. Apple will send you an email verifying if you are eligible for the promo.

Note: The number of students Apple offers this promo to is limited yearly.

Verification and Confirmation

After Apple has sent you the verification mail, you will click on continue. Then you'll get a pop-up message that says, "We're throwing in Airpods with your new (device name)," and then you can add the item to your cart.

You also get the opportunity to upgrade your Airpods with a wireless charging case for an extra $40, and if you want to upgrade to Airpods pro, you get to pay an additional $90.

Review Your product

Once you have added the Airpods to your cart, you can now do a review and check out.

You can also check different options before checking out, like getting a discount on other Apple accessories (with Applecare+ inclusive).

Best Airpods for your iPhone

Since your iPhone does not come with Airpods, you might be in search of Airpods that is best for your phone. In descending order, let's check out the specs of each Airpods to know which one to buy and use for your iPhone.

Airpods Max

Weight: 350g

Battery life: 24 hours

Why you should buy it

  • Good audio performance.
  • Gives users a good experience.
  • Improved noise control features.
  • Has more features for Apple devices.

The downside of buying it

  • Compared to other Airpods, it is more expensive.
  • It doesn't have a 3.5mm audio port.
  • Its features are limited when connected to an Android device.
  • It doesn't have an effective carrying case.
An iPhone in its pack

Airpods Pro

Weight: 5.4g

Battery life: 24 hours

Why you should buy it

  • It is configured with noise control features.
  • Better than the previous Airpods models.
  • It has interchangeable ear tips of different sizes.

The downside of buying it.

  • Quite expensive compared to other Airpods.
  • It has a charging cable that uses USB-C in its case.

Third-generation Apple Airpods

Weight: 4.28g

Battery life: 24 hours charging case.

Why you should buy them

  • It is easy to use
  • It has impressive spatial audio.

The downside of buying it

  • It doesn't have a noise control feature.
  • It doesn't have ear tips.

Second Generation Apple Airpods

Weight: 4g without the case – 38g with the case.

Battery life: 24 hours.

Why you should buy it

  • It pairs with your device fast.
  • It has a wireless charger.

The downside of buying it.

  • It has one universal size and no ear tips.
  • It doesn't have improved audio quality.

We listed some of the best Airpods to use with your iPhone. We know everyone has a different taste, so go through the specifications and decide which is best to use with your iPhone.

What is special about Airpods?
Apple Airpods have a lot of distinctive features that make them special and in high demand. This article outlines these features in a detailed manner.

Frequently Asked Questions on if iPhone comes with Airpods

Q. Will my iPhone come with Airpods if I buy them in France?

A. No, if you buy your iPhone in France, it won't come with Airpods. Previously, it was required by law for all smartphone makers to include a hands-free device with the phone, but the law is being repealed to protect the environment from the generated electronic waste.

Q. What to do if my iPhone does not come with Airpods?

A. As explained above, your iPhone will not come with Airpods, but if you still want to use Airpods, you will have to buy them. Before buying Airpods for your phone, check out the specs listed in the article to get the best value for your money.

Wrap up

The blog post above has outlined that the iPhone doesn't come with Airpods, although some iPhone models come with wired earphones.

This article also explained what to do if iPhone doesn't come with Airpods.

If you have any questions, kindly leave them in the comment section below. Thanks for reading.

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