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If you own an iPhone, you know that its screen can scratch or crack when dropped on a hard surface. Apple makes most of its devices out of glass because it looks great, is reasonably durable, and can withstand being dropped without shattering. However, the glass material is not entirely unbreakable; sooner or later, your iPhone will get dropped and crack a screen. Then, you'll have to worry if the Applecare that usually comes with Apple devices covers the cracked screen?'

This article will answer your question and provide relevant information about Applecare covering a cracked screen.

Does AppleCare cover a cracked screen?

No, AppleCare does not cover a cracked screen, but the extended Applecare+ covers a cracked screen with a small charge. Until you upgrade to AppleCare+ with an extra fee, your Apple device screen is not covered if it cracks.

What is AppleCare?

AppleCare is a warranty coverage you get when you buy a new Apple device. This warranty lasts for one year and takes care of things like defects from manufacturing or damage that can't be blamed on you, which happens to your Apple device within that period.

AppleCare warranty doesn't cover damages on your Apple device that occurred through accidents like cracking your screen or dropping them in water. The regular AppleCare warranty coverage doesn't cover a cracked screen. It's not in its warranty plan.

In addition to the one-year coverage that AppleCare offers its users, you also get phone support for 90 days. This technical support helps you better understand your new Apple device.

Why an iPad charges slowly?
There are different reasons why your iPad charges slowly. The speed of your iPad’s charging is determined by its charger’s wattage or power rating.

What is AppleCare+?

AppleCare+ is the extended version of AppleCare, which provides covers more than the regular AppleCare. When you purchase AppleCare+, your warranty is automatically extended to two years, which is twice what the standard AppleCare offers. You will also get technical support for two years.

What does AppleCare+ cover?

AppleCare+ covers defects from manufacturing or damage from natural disasters, just as AppleCare does. It also covers damage on your Apple device that occurred through accidents like cracked screen, device dropped in water, or back of your device got broken.

In addition to the coverage listed above, AppleCare+ also offers protection against a stolen or lost device for an additional charge. Most damages or incidents to your Apple device are covered when you have an AppleCare+ warranty. However, fees are added for the extra coverage you wish to get on your device. Just like if it goes missing or stolen, it is better to repair or replace your device yourself.

An Apple technician repairing an Apple device

What won't AppleCare+ cover?

AppleCare+ won't cover any damage to your Apple device after the two years warranty period. Within this period, you get just two instances every 12 months for AppleCare to repair the damage.

Also, unless you pay an additional fee, AppleCare+ won't cover your device if it gets stolen or missing.

How do I check my remaining AppleCare warranty period?

After purchasing your device, you might wonder how many months you have left for your warranty coverage to expire. If you want to check the remaining warranty period for your Apple device:

  • Go to the Apple website SERVICE AND SUPPORT COVERAGE page.
  • You will be asked to input your device serial number.
  • Once you input it, the time you have left in your AppleCare warranty period will pop up.

Where can I get AppleCare for my new Apple device?

Apple offers AppleCare to users who purchase a new Apple device from their official stores or any of their authorized distributors. To mention a few, Verizon, Best Buy, AT&T, etc., if you purchase a device after two years of usage or a device that has passed its warranty period, there will be no AppleCare provided to you.

What do I do if my cracked screen isn't covered?

When you follow the steps above and find out that your cracked screen isn't covered, you have to look for an affordable but skilled technician who can help you replace your device's cracked screen.

Note: Repairing any part of an Apple product cost is a bit pricey, so you may not find a good technician with a low budget. Keep extra cash, just in case.

A cracked iPhone screen

Why didn't my Apple device come with an AppleCare warranty?

There are some reasons why your Apple device didn't come with an AppleCare warranty. It may be because you purchased your device from an unauthorized Apple distributor, the Apple device you purchased has passed its warranty period, or you bought a used Apple device.

What is the difference between AppleCare and AppleCare+?

The major difference between AppleCare and AppleCare+ is what they cover and the warranty period. AppleCare covers only damages on your device that occurred during manufacturing. AppleCare+, on the other hand, covers damages from manufacturing, intentional damage, and accidental damage. The warranty period for AppleCare+ is two years, while for AppleCare, it's twelve months.

How much does it cost to repair a cracked screen with AppleCare+?

If you have AppleCare+, you may wonder how much you'll have to pay if you have a cracked screen. The price you pay to repair your device with AppleCare+ depends on the type of device you have (iPhone, iPod, Mac, etc.) and also the model of each device (iPhone 8, iPhone x, iPhone 11, etc.)

Check the specific price for your device on the Apple website.

What to do if my iPhone screen gets cracked?

If your iPhone screen gets cracked, Apple can also help you out. Check out the options you have below:

  • Carry-in service

Go to any authorized Apple service provider around you to get the screen replaced. To check the closest store to you, check for Apple onsite locations near you.

  • Mail-in service

You will have to mail your device to Apple if there is no Apple store nearby. Once your device is repaired, Apple will mail it back to you.

How can I protect my Apple device screen?

The first step to protecting your device is to handle it with care. Remember that your device screen or other parts can get broken if not handled carefully.

Also, you can get a screen protector for it. Even if you handle your device with optimum care, there are chances that it will get dropped sooner or later. Buying a screen protector is beneficial if you are prepared for this. If it happens, the screen protector gets affected, and your screen is okay.

Another way is to get a protective pouch for your device in case the side or back hits a hard object. Your device's screen can get spoilt from other factors, like when it is kept under direct sunlight for a long time. A pouch made from hides or leather can help protect your phone screen.

Can an iPad be used as a phone? (Answered)
Yes, an iPad can be used as a phone. This can be done by connecting your iPad to Wi-Fi and using a third-party Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) calling service app.

Frequently Asked Questions on AppleCare coverage for a cracked screen

Q. Is AppleCare+ worth it?

A. Applecare+ is definitely worth it. It provides a form of insured protection to unforeseen circumstances that may occur in the future.

Since most Apple users tend to change their device within two years of usage for newer models, your device is protected while you use it.

Q. Does Apple repair unresponsive screens?

A. Yes, Apple repairs unresponsive screens if the issue causing the unresponsiveness is a manufacturing defect affecting its devices worldwide. In cases like that, Apple organizes a repair program and provides information on how to repair your device for free at authorized Apple stores.

Q. How can I keep my cracked iPhone screen protected?

A. The first step to protecting your cracked iPhone screen is carefully handling it. Get a screen protector for your phone, or buy a phone case to protect it.

Q. What if you paid for your screen repair while your warranty is still active?

A. Suppose you took your device to an Apple store for repair and paid the charges while your AppleCare+ is still active. When you realize this, you can process a refund from Apple.

Wrap Up

When you pay hundreds of dollars for a smartphone, it can be hard to accept the fact that dropping it or shattering its screen are risks you take every time you use it. Apple knows this, so they offer warranties like AppleCare and AppleCare+ on their iPhones, iPods, and Mac computers.

If you have an Apple device and spend the extra money to purchase AppleCare or AppleCare+, your warranty can cover the cracked screen. But if you don't have it or simply aren't ready to spend that much money on your device just yet, buying a third-party warranty plan might be a better option for your budget.

If you have any questions on if AppleCare covers a cracked screen, kindly leave them in the comment section below. Thanks for reading.

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