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Apple watches have become a gadget every iPhone user would love to have. With its compatibility and easy access, more and more people are purchasing it to make their daily activities smoother and better.

There are a lot of things you can do on the Watch. Apple keeps bringing new additions and upgrades as newer series are released. To use the features effectively, you will need to type in characters as input. So, does the Apple Watch have a keyboard?

This article will answer this question and provide you with other necessary information.

Do Apple Watches have a Keyboard?

No, there is no built-in keyboard for earlier models of Apple Watches except the Apple Watch 7 and later. Though you can send emails and texts on your Apple Watch using the Scribble feature or Siri. Press the digital crown on the Watch to activate Siri, then say "Text Contact Name" and choose the message you want to send.

Currently, there is no system keyboard for the Apple Watch. You can only use dictation or use other third-party apps to type on the Watch. The only known Apple Watch to have a system-installed keyboard is the Apple Series 7.

Can the Apple Watch be overcharged?
No, you cannot overcharge the Apple Watch. No amount of charging is too much for the Apple wristwatch. You can charge the Watch anytime, and at any period you want. This is because the lithium-ion batteries used in Apple watches stop charging your Watch once it reaches 100%.

What alternatives can I use to type on my Apple Watch?

3rd party keyboards

You may type messages on your wrist using any 3rd party Keyboard. These keyboards function like an app. They allow you to type characters that can be sent through any messaging app and service. There are various customizable features, including different keyboard types (Full, Swipe, or Precise) and layouts (QWERTY, QWERTZ, AZERTY, or alphabetical).

Retro Keyboard

With the help of the 3x3 grid keyboard known as Retro Keyboard, you can type messages in the T9 manner. The smaller screen of your Apple Watch is the ideal size for Retro Keyboard.

Both apps are entirely functional and include haptic feedback, text suggestions, and user customization options. Also, you can add it to your Watch Face for quick and simple access to either app. Once you've finished typing, simply touch the send button.

Suggested Apple Watch Keyboards


Install the Filcktype app for typing texts on your Apple Watch.

Open the app to test it.

Use the keyboard to enter your message. Then, tap the + sign on the lower left side to select if you wish to utilize numbers or symbols. Tap ABC to return to the previous page. To backspace, click the arrow in the bottom right corner.

Your message will be present in a brand-new text messaging window that will open. Select a contact at the top to finish the process, and then click the Send message button.

Tap Send in the top left corner once you've finished writing your message.

Features of FlickType

There are many good options and features provided by FlickType. On your iPhone, open the app, check that Watch Keyboard is selected at the top, and then click the gear icon to access the options.

  • To change the color of the keyboard, select a theme.
  • Enable Auto-Correction to correct errors.
  • For a handy swipe keyboard, choose Slide to Type.
  • Make a Custom Dictionary for the terms you type the most frequently.
  • Choose your preferred contact to send messages more quickly.


Install WatchKey for the Apple Watch and open it once it has been installed, then prepare to start typing. Tap the X in the top left corner of any premium version advertisements you want to ignore temporarily.

Use the keyboard to enter your message. Tap 123 to access the numeric keyboard, and tap ABC to return to the alphabet. For a caps lock, use the arrow in the top left corner; for backspace, use the X in the top right corner.

To send your message, click Send in the bottom right corner.

When you finish, tap done, and your changes will be reflected immediately in the app on your Apple Watch.

Features of WatchKey

Like FlickType, WatchKey offers a variety of settings and functions that you can explore. To see the following options, open the app on your iPhone.

  • Watch a tutorial that offers advice under the Home tab.
  • Add Short Text to the list of full-text abbreviations.
  • Choose from more than 60 distinct font styles.
  • By selecting the gear icon, you can get help with FAQs.
  • When done, you may simply exit the app.

Any modifications will take immediate effect in the app on your Apple Watch.

Can you answer calls with the GPS only Apple Watch
Yes, some Apple Watches, like the Series 3 Apple Watch (GPS), can make calls when the connected iPhone is nearby. However, the Series 3 (GPS+Cellular) can make calls even when the paired iPhone is not close by.

Frequently Asked Questions about Apple Watch keyboard

How do I install the Apple Watch keyboard?

To add a full keyboard to your device, use a third-party app like FlickType, Shift Keyboard, or WatchKey. Access the App Store and download your preferred choice.

Does Apple Watch 7 have a keyboard?

Yes, the Apple Watch Series 7 has a dedicated Qwerty keyboard. The sole distinction is that Apple Watch Series 6 and earlier do not come with a built-in qwerty keypad.

Where is the keyboard located for an Apple Watch?

The keyboard is located amongst other apps where it is installed. On your Apple Watch, you can send emails and texts by using the Scribble feature or Siri. Press the digital crown on the Watch to activate Siri, then say "Text Contact Name" and enter the message you want to send.

How do I Install Keyboard on my iPhone?

iPhone keyboards can be added or changed.

Open Settings > General > Keyboard.

After selecting Keyboards, choose from the following:

  1. Add a keyboard, then select a keyboard from the list after selecting Add New Keyboard.
  2. Continue to add keyboards.
  3. Take the keyboard out. Then tap Edit.

Why isn't there a keypad on my Apple Watch?

There won't be an inbuilt keyboard on your Apple Watch if you are using Apple Watch Series 6 or earlier. You have to install a 3rd party keyboard to type on the Watch. Apple Watch Series 7 and later comes with a keyboard by default.


While most Apple Watches may not have a system keyboard, there are ways to go about installing one to allow you to type characters on the Watch. For Apple Watch Series 7 users, there is an option for a preinstalled QWERTY keyboard, and you may not need alternatives except if you are interested in it.

If you have any questions, please ask them in the comments section below.

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