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Airpods are a very different type of product from what we're used to seeing from Apple. There are no visible buttons, knobs, switches, or switches anywhere on the device. Everything is controlled via touch gestures and voice recognition. It's an innovative way of interacting with technology users are getting used to.

Eartips are extra silicon or plastic components that are detachable from earbuds and can be used to increase fitting or sound. This article will provide information on whether ear tips come with Airpods Pro and other relevant details.

Does Airpods Pro come with ear tips?

Yes, Airpods Pro comes with attached ear tips as well as extra ear tips in its packaging. The ear tips have three different sizes for its ear tips: Small, Medium, and Large. The ear tips can be found inside the case that comes with your Airpods with either an S, M, or L written on them to make it easy to find the size that fits you best.

Apple has always prioritized customer satisfaction and adjusted the Airpods design to come with ear tips for the Airpods Pro. The first to the third generation of Airpods comes with a one size fits all speaker pod design without ear tips. This made some users complain that the Airpods tip couldn't fit them perfectly, making them uncomfortable when used.

The ear tip design makes a lot of sense because we all have different ear shapes and sizes. So if you're unhappy with how your Airpods Pro feel in your ears or if you're getting some sound leak from them, you can try a different ear tip size.

How to choose the best ear tip for my Airpods pro

The different sizes of ear tips that come with the Airpods Pro may not fit you correctly, so you need to choose one that fits best.

Pick up the medium-sized tip and gently insert it into your Airpods pro, then check if it is seated securely and comfortably in your ear. If it doesn't fit, observe if it's smaller or larger in your ear. If it's smaller, try out the large ear tip. If it is larger, try out the small ear tip.

If you are still unsure how well it fits, you can try out the ear tip fit test.

Why are my Airpods falling out?
There are several reasons your Airpods may continue to fall out of your ears. Some are small and straightforward to resolve. Others may need extra items or a touch of artistry.

How to use the Ear Tip Fit Test

If you are unsure about the perfect size of ear tip for you, you should try out the ear tip fit test. This test checks the best ear tip for your ear by playing music and detecting if there is an audio leak.

The ear tip fit test is only available to users who have updated their Apple device to iOS 13. 2 and later. So the first step to take is to update your iOS version to iOS 13.2 or later. Then carry the following:

  • Insert your Airpods pro in your ear and go to the SETTINGS app on your device.
  • Select Bluetooth and open the list of devices.
  • Click the info "i" button beside your Airpods.
  • Select the EAR TIP FIT TEST.
  • Tap continue and hit the play button.

Follow the next set of instructions that come up onscreen. You will be asked to adjust or try a different tip until you have a perfect size. Ensure you do the test for both your left and right ears.

Can you wear Airpods pro without tips?

Yes, you can wear your Airpods pro without the ear tips, but you will not get the best out of it. Without the ear tip, you will receive poor sound quality, and the bass will be weak. Also, the Airpods pro ear tip enhances the noise cancellation feature of the Airpods. So, wearing your Airpods without the ear tip is not recommended.

Airpods Pro packaging which contains extra eartips

Why should I use the ear tips on my Airpods pro?

Choosing ear tips on your Airpods pro that fits you perfectly has lots of benefits:

Noise Cancellation feature

The ear tips are meant to fit perfectly in your ear, covering the whole of your ear canal. They are intended to cover up your ear canal, giving your ear a tight fit and removing any space. The less space in your ear, the less room there is for background noise to come through. So wearing your Airpods pro with the tip will make it hard for your Airpods to fall off and for background noise to filter in. Therefore, it is instrumental for noise cancellation.

Sound Bass

Background noise can reduce the sound quality and bass of your Airpods. You may not notice this, but once you remove your ear tip and play sound on it, you'll see the difference. Since the ear tip helps to remove background noise and improve noise cancellation, you also get a better bass quality while playing music if you use the correct ear tips.

Overall fit

As mentioned earlier, the Airpods pro comes with different sizes of tips to make you comfortable using it. With your ear tips, your Airpods are more fit and secure in your ear, even if you are shaking your head or moving around.

The downside of wearing Airpods pro without the ear tips

  • You will be uncomfortable as you have to keep adjusting it every time.
  • It won't give you a perfect fit.
  • The sounds coming from the Airpods will not be regulated.
  • You can cause damage to your hearing if you listen to loud music without ear tips.

Note: Listening to loud music on your Airpods pro for a long time can still cause damage to your hearing even when the ear tip is attached to your Airpods pro.

Can my Airpods pro stay in my ears while running without the ear tips?

It will most likely be loose and unsteady. This is because the Airpods Pro ear tips are designed to be the used to adjust the fittings in the ear canal. When they are removed, the Airpods Pro will dangle without a secure fitting in your ears. So you will want to attach the ear tip before going for a run to avoid the Airpods Pro falling off.

What do I do if the ear tips in my Airpods pro don't fit?

If you try out the three tips and you still don't find one that fits your ear perfectly, then you should buy third-party ear tips. Check online stores for ear tips that will be perfect for you, then rerun the Ear Tip Fit Test with the new ear tips you purchase.

How does the microphone on Airpods work? (Explained)
The microphone at the bottom of the stem is the primary microphone that listens to what you say. The second microphone on the Airpods is a beam-forming microphone whose only job is to pick up any sounds or external background noise and pass them to the internal Airpods chip to synthesize anti-noise.

Frequently Asked Questions on Airpods Pro ear tips

Where can I find my ear tips in my Airpods pro?

The three different sizes of ear tips – S, M, and L, are in the box your Airpods pro came in. You can find it under the tray, close to the Airpods charging cable.

How to attach ear tips on my Airpods pro

To attach an ear tip, pick up your desired size and hold it so that the ear tip aligns with the oval-shaped connector on your Airpods. Push the ear tip into the connector on your Airpods while still holding it at the base. You will hear a clicking sound when it is securely in place.

To remove an ear tip, hold the ear tip with your fingers firmly at the base (where the ear tip attaches to the Airpods) and pull it off gently.

Is it safe to wear Airpods pro without the ear tips?

Yes, it is safe to wear your Airpods pro without the tips, but it will be uncomfortable when you wear them that way.

Wrap up

From the article, you've seen that Airpods Pro comes with ear tips in their case. Eartips on your Airpods will determine how well your Airpods will fit into your ears. This is why most users ask if Airpods come with ear tips. Once you remove them from the carrying case, they are easy to lose, so make sure to put them somewhere safe when you're not using them.

If you have any questions on  Airpods Pro ear tips, kindly leave them in the comment section below. Thanks for reading.

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