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Airpods Pro comes in one color - white, but due to huge demand, Airpods can be customized to have different colors. They can be painted in various custom colors, including shiny, matte, and bright colors. There are shades of every color in the rainbow, as well as black, silver, and gold. You can paint each Airpod a different color, and you can also change the color of the case.

The iMac and the Airpods Max have shown us a higher quality class from Apple. Both devices come in many different colors, a nice change from the white or gray we've used for years. But Apple's Airpods have always kept their signature white color and never changed. Before Apple started selling wireless versions, their favorite earphones had always been white. Why is that? The device Is Unique and Different From Others. The Apple team worked on it and devised a way to make their gadget stand out and be different from anything else at the time.

Back then, all headphones had ugly black cords, and companies didn't give them much thought. Apple thought that even though the device would be put in a pocket, people would almost always use it with headphones on, which is where they could make a difference. This is where Apple decided to set itself apart from the competition.

So, while other companies didn't pay much attention to their earphone cords, Apple made theirs white and stood out, which did the job perfectly. Apple then followed the launch of the iPod with a massive advertising campaign that focused mainly on the white earphones and less on the device itself. This is what Apple wanted their users to do by making the earphones the main attraction of their new fantastic device.

Should you carry your phone with your Airpods?
You don’t have to be in the same place as your phone for you to enjoy your Airpods. But for the Apple Airpods to work through a Bluetooth connection, they must be within a certain distance of the phone.

How to Get an Airpod in a Different Color

Are you disappointed Apple's new Airpods don't come in black as many expect? We have some news that could be good. Apple's new wireless earbuds are now available in black, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and many other colors. Just check the guide below on how to get one.

Buy a lookalike

Knockoff Airpods aren't worth the money, but you can buy wireless earbuds from reputable companies that look like all-black Airpods. You could compare them to Airpods. They probably won't sound as good as Airpods or Airpods Pro.

They also won't have many of the features that are unique to Apple, like being able to pair with an iPhone quickly or supporting spatial audio and Dolby. But they do exist, and they look pretty cool. An example is the Soundcore Life P3 are wireless earbuds that can block out noise and come in many colors, including black.

Customize colors from Colorware for a High Price

If you want all-black Airpods Pro and are willing to spend a lot, the best (and probably expensive) way to get them is to buy them from ColorWare, an aftermarket product painter. The Company is known for customizing Apple computers, Beats headphones, PlayStation, and Xbox gaming controllers.

They also do Airpods and Airpods Pro. The bad news is that they are expensive, and you have to wait a few weeks to get them back.

  • ColorWare sells all-black Airpods with a matte or glossy finish for $299, which is much more than what Apple charges ($159). If you want the charging case to be all-black, it will cost you an extra $40.
  • ColorWare sells all-black Airpods Pro with a matte or glossy finish for $389, which is much more than Apple's price of $249. Getting the charging case in all-black will cost you an additional $40 on top of that.

ColorWare's custom Airpods come in 57 colors besides black, and you can mix and match them if you want.

For example, you could make the left pod red, the right pod blue, and the charging case purple. You can select a glossy or matte finish for any custom piece.

Airpods Pro case customized with a black skin

Buy a Skin or Case for Your Airpods That has the color you want

You can also buy a colored skin for your Airpods if you don't want to spend money on a paint job. You'll have to carefully stick the skin (which is actually a sticker) on it, so there's a chance that it won't look great. But it's a cheap option if you already have white earbuds that you want to make black or colored.

Most accessory makers also sell black cases for Airpods Pro. This is an easy and cheap way to set your wireless earbuds apart and protect them.

Do real Airpods come in black?

Apple doesn't make Airpods in black; they only come in white. So if you want black Airpods, you have to have a third-party company like ColorWare paint them or put them in a case or skin. This may actually change in the future if Apple sees the need to manufacture more Airpods in different colors.

What are the best Airpods colors?

Apple thinks white color is the best color for Airpods. This color makes the Airpods and Airpods Pro stand out and make them easily recognizable among many wireless buds with similar designs.

Even though you can customize your Airpods to have a different color, remember that the brand has made the white color iconic to the Airpods and Airpods Pro.

Why are my Airpods falling out?
There are several reasons your Airpods may continue to fall out of your ears. Some are small and straightforward to resolve. Others may need extra items or a touch of artistry.

What makes the Airpods Pro stand out?

The entire package design, which includes the H1 chip that runs everything from sound to Siri, makes the Airpods Pro stand out.

The Airpods Pro is packed with awesome technology in a small package. Audio cores make for speedy audio processing and noise cancellation in real-time. The interchangeable ear tips also aid comfort, fit, and stability.

How long can Airpods Pro be used?

If you have the case with you which gives you more than one charge, you can listen to the Airpods on multiple charges for more than 24 hours or talk for more than 18 hours. On a single charge, your Airpods Pro can last up to 4.5 hours of listening or 3.5 hours of talking.

Wrap Up

In this blog post, we explained how Airpods could have different colors other than the default white color it is usually manufactured with. If you have any questions about Airpods colors, kindly leave them in the comments below. Thanks for reading.

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