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How to connect wifi camera to Android without a router

A Wifi Camera
A Wifi Camera
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Do you want to connect your wifi camera to Android without a router? It can be done, and in this article, we will walk you through the steps necessary to do just that. The steps are simple, and you can view your camera footage on your Android phone or tablet within just a few minutes.

What is a wifi Camera and how does it work?

A wifi camera is a device that allows you to view and record video footage remotely using your smartphone or tablet. They are often used for home security purposes but can also be used for other reasons, such as keeping an eye on pets or children. It works by connecting to your home’s wifi network and then streaming the footage to your device.

There are a few different types of wifi cameras available on the market, but the most common types are:

  • IP camera: This type of camera connects directly to your home’s internet router using an Ethernet cable or wireless connection.
  • Cloud camera: The cloud camera is an IP camera that stores the footage on a remote server rather than your device or home computer. This can be helpful if you want to access footage on the cloud from different devices or locations.
  • USB camera: The USB camera is a type of webcam that connects directly to your computer’s USB port.

If you are looking for a wifi camera that does not require a router, then the cloud or USB camera may be an option for you. However, an IP camera is a good choice if you want the flexibility to view footage from different devices or locations.

An IP wifi camera routes through the Internet Protocol and uses wifi to connect to your network so that you can view the footage from wherever you are in the world.

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Although, if you want to connect to the camera without a router, it means the camera can also act as a wifi broadcast station and access point. Then, you can easily connect directly to it via an app or web browser to view its footage, provided you are within the camera's vicinity.

Most wifi cameras have their own app, allowing you to control the camera and view the footage easily.

There are several different wifi cameras on the market, but most of them require you to have a router to work. However, there are some cameras that do not require a router. One of such cameras is the HD 1080P DIY Portable 4K wifi IP Mini Camera by Denuoxin stores on aliexpress.

This mini camera is a great option for those who want to connect their wifi camera to Android without a router, as it is simple to set up and does not require any special knowledge or skills.

The camera is miniaturized, which means it can be placed anywhere to record videos secretly. We will now explain how to connect this camera to your android device.

What you need

  • IP wifi camera: HD 1080P DIY Portable 4K wifi IP Mini Camera or any other suitable camera can be used.
  • Android phone or tablet with the "LookCam" app installed: The app is available for android and iOS.
  • Power source: The camera will need a constant source of power which can either be a battery pack, USB power, or a plugged-in power jack.
Sources of Power for the IP Camera
Sources of Power for the IP Camera from Denuoxin stores

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Setting up and connecting the camera

To set up the camera, we will be following the following steps:

  • Download the "LookCam" App on your android device.
  • Connect the HD 1080P DIY Portable 4K wifi IP Mini Camera to a Power Source.
  • Go to your phone's settings and search for the Camera's wifi signal.
  • Connect to the wifi signal of the camera with the default password provided (if passworded).
  • Open the LookCam app.
  • Tap on the camera that is available and online.
  • The live video display of the camera will be now be shown on your android device.
  • You can play around with the available video features of the footage by exploring menus on the app.
  • Your android device screen can now be cast or mirrored to a larger screen for a better display.
LookCam Logo from  Google
LookCam logo from Google

View your camera from a phone or tablet

Once the camera is set up and connected to your android device, you will be able to view the footage from anywhere in the vicinity of the camera, provided the wifi signal from the camera is strong. There is no need for a router.

If you need to increase the distance from where the camera is placed, a wifi signal booster can be placed where the camera's signal starts dying out. This will rebroadcast the wifi signal and increase the camera's wifi broadcast range.

Then, you can open the LookCam app on your android phone or tablet to view live footage without any router.

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Features and specifications of the HD 1080P DIY Portable 4K wifi IP Mini Camera

There are other IP cameras that can broadcast their wifi to act as an access point. Still, for this article, we have explained how to connect a wifi camera ( HD 1080P DIY Portable 4K wifi IP Mini Camera) to your android without a router.

The features of this camera include:

  • Brand Name: DENUOXIN
  • Origin: CN
  • High Definition Support: 1080P (Full-HD)
  • Type: Mini
  • Model Number: M11-B
  • Memory Card Support: Yes
  • Memory Card Type: MicroSD / TF
  • Sensor Technology: CCD
  • Type: Mini WiFi P2P Network Camera
  • View Angle: 90°/120°
  • Memory Storage: up to 128G (memory card not included)
  • Supported Systems: ios, android, PC
  • Product Type: Digital Portable Small Digital Camera P2P Webcam

Usage Scenario:

  • Function 1: Motion Sensor Detection
  • Function 2: Use in your car
  • Function 3: Home and garage use
  • Function 4: Factory use
  • Function 5: Office use
  • Function 6: Sports and Bike Helmet

Wrap up

This article has explained how to connect a wifi camera (HD 1080P DIY Portable 4K wifi IP Mini Camera). The Denuoxin mini wifi IP camera is a great and affordable option for those who want to view footage from their wifi camera on an android device without the need for a router.

The camera can be placed anywhere and has a discreet design, making it perfect for covert surveillance. Setting up and connecting the camera is simple and does not require any special skills or knowledge. You just need to follow some easy steps that we have outlined in this article.

Thanks for reading!


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