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Have you ever headed into the shower while wearing your Airpods? You must have wondered if you could keep using the Airpods while in there.

Most people want to enjoy music while in the shower. But can you wear Airpods in the shower? Don't worry; you are not weird.

In this blog post, we will examine whether or not it is possible to wear your Airpods in the shower. We will also try to answer other related questions concerning using Airpods in the shower. Read on.

Can you wear Airpods in the shower?

No, you cannot wear Airpods in the shower. Apple, in their documentation, strongly advises against placing your Airpods in running water. Although they state that some models of Airpods (third generation and Airpods pro) are water-resistant, it does not mean they are waterproof.

Apple advises against placing your Airpods near a faucet, high-velocity water like a skii splash, or even swimming with them. Airpods were not designed to withstand water, especially those with some form of momentum.

If your Airpods are already wet from use in the shower, you should quickly get them out and use a dry lint-free cloth to dry out the Airpods. Wait for them to completely get dried before you use them or place them in their case.

Do not get desperate by trying to dry the Airpods using heat or compressed air. This will cause more harm than good.

Can you wear your Airpods pro in the shower?

No, you cannot wear your Airpods pro in the shower. You might assume that Apple has upgraded the ability of your Airpods pro to resist water and sweat than some earlier Airpods models. It still does not mean the Airpods pro is waterproof. It can only withstand sweat and water to a certain degree.

Mind you, water resistance on the Airpods pro isn't a permanent condition. It can diminish over time, thereby exposing the Airpods to damage by water that it could withstand previously.

Early Airpods models, from the first to the second generations, have lower ingress protections than the Airpods pro.

The Ingress Protection measures the amount of water and solid particles that can get into an electronics product when tested under certain environmental protections. Higher figures indicate better protection.

So, there are some splashes of water that the first and second-generation Airpods may not survive. The Airpods pro will survive it and remain in good working condition.

So, it's simply better to err on the side of caution and avoid taking your Airpods with you when you go into the shower. If they must remain in the bathroom area, place them in their case and cover the case with a waterproof material like a shower cap so it doesn't come in contact or get submerged in water.

Can I swim with my Apple Watch Series 3? (Answered)
Yes, you can. The watch is water-resistant up to 50 meters but is not recommended for use in waters with high velocity and pressure.

How do I dry my Airpods if they are wet?

Although Apple advised keeping your Airpods far from water as they may be water-resistant but never waterproof, you may accidentally get your Airpods or their charging case wet. There are two ways you can dry your Airpods if they get wet;

Use a lint-free cloth: If your Airpods come in contact with water, Apple recommends you use a soft dry lint-free cloth to dry both the Airpods and the charging case. Carry out the following steps:

1. Get a soft dry lint-free cloth.

2. Clean the earbuds and the charging case thoroughly.

3. Place the earbuds and the charging case upside down in a sunny place to allow any water that found its way into them to dry out.

4. Ensure the charging case is open and facing down.

5. Dry for at least 4 hours before using them or placing them in a charging case.

You can also keep one or two bamboo charcoal packets close to your Airpods while they dry. They are effervescent (good at getting moisture out of a surface), which will significantly help your wet Airpods.

Bamboo charcoal might be designed to soak odors, but they still do a great job when it comes to drying out a moisturized surface.

Airpods 1

Eject water out from Airpods Pro: Another way to dry your wet Airpods is by using the SHORTCUT app to help eject the water that entered your Airpods. This procedure is similar to when you want to discharge water from your Apple watch. Carry out the following steps:

  1. First, ensure you connect your iPhone to your Airpods and turn up the volume to its highest.
  2. Go to Settings on your iPhone, tap on the SHORTCUTS app, and toggle on ALLOW UNTRUSTED SHORTCUTS.
  3. Download the SIRI shortcuts app on your phone next and open it.
  4. Download the SIRI shortcuts app on your phone next and open it.
  5. Go to and download the 3rd party WATER EJECT shortcut app.
  6. Remove the ear tips for Airpods pro and turn on the TRANSPARENCY MODE of the Airpods from your iPhone.
  7. Cover the Airpods Pro sensors with your thumbs and forefingers while holding them in place.
  8. Tap the WATER EJECT tab in the SIRI shortcut app and confirm the action.
  9. The Airpods will begin vibrating and ejecting water from the Airpods speakers, similar to how it does for the Apple watch.

This water eject feature will create sound waves that will vibrate your Airpods and push the water out of the Airpods. You should see water coming out from them. Repeat this process as many times as you need to. How long your Airpods were exposed to water can also determine how often you use this feature. The longer your Airpods were exposed to water, the longer you repeat the water eject process until the water in them is gone.

After you dried your Airpods with the lint-free cloth method and used the water eject method, if it still doesn't work, then your only option is to take them to an Apple store to check them out or replace them.

What happens to my Airpods if fully submerged in water?

If your Airpods are fully submerged in water either by accident or by you are trying to check their water resistance, and they stay there for more than a few seconds, your Airpods will likely have some issues.

If water enters your Airpods charging case, then into either of the earbuds, this might damage the Airpods. Drying it might help, but your Airpods will likely short circuit and lose some of their functionality or, even worse, all.

So if your Airpods fall into the water or wear them to shower, get them out as fast as possible. The longer its stays underwater, the worse it will be. If your Airpods fall into the water for a few seconds, they can survive it, but once it stays over 10 to 15 seconds there, it can be disastrous.

You should note that putting your Airpods under running water is similar to submerging them in water.

Airpods in its case

How to protect my Airpods from water damage

You already know that your Airpods cannot survive in water, so you must protect them from getting damaged. The steps to take to protect your Airpods from water are listed below. Follow them as a caution to save your Airpods from water damage.

1. Never wear them in the shower. You should know that your Airpods might get damaged if you use them while in the shower.

2. Always check your pockets before doing your laundry. Your Airpods are tiny, and you might forget them in your pocket after a busy day at work. Then, you might take the same clothes to the laundry and risk damaging the Airpods. So, make sure you always check your pockets before doing your laundry.

3. Get a water-resistant Airpods case. Getting a water-resistant Airpods case will help keep moisture away from your Airpods. So, even if your Airpods fall inside water, your kid takes it to shower, you forget it in your pockets while doing your laundry, or it gets wet from the rain, your Airpods won't get damaged from water as it will have some degree of protection.

4. Always clean your Airpods after a workout. Using your Airpods as earbuds during activities will get them soiled with your sweat, like water. So, ensure you clean them after your workouts to avoid any damage from your sweat.

Can I use Airpods without the case? (Answered)
Yes, you can use your Airpods without the case, but it is only temporary because when the Airpods battery runs down, the Airpods case will be needed to charge your Airpods.

Frequently Asked Questions about wearing Airpods in the shower

Q. Is Airpods waterproof?

A. No, Airpods are not waterproof. Although, some models of Airpods are water resistant which means they won't be damaged if they come in contact with light water.

For instance, you don't have to panic if you wear your Airpods on a rainy walk or sweat heavily because your Airpods are designed to survive those situations. However, they will not survive if taken for a swim or if used for 15 minutes in the shower.

Q. Does Applecare for Airpods cover water damage?

A. Apple covers your Airpods if it gets damaged in the shower under the Apple warranty. But this coverage lasts for one year. And you can only enjoy this offer once within a year except if you extend the warranty to two years with Applecare. So, if you take your Airpods into the shower with you a second time within your warranty period, you will be out of luck. Although, terms and conditions apply.

Q. How waterproof are Airpods pro?

Airpods pro has Ingress Protection 4 (IPX4). This rating means they can withstand water splashes from any angle or direction. They can also withstand sweats. But will malfunction or, even worse, get damaged if submerged in water.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, it is better to err on the side of caution and not use your Airpods in the shower, as it may damage them. Also, this article has explained the steps necessary to prevent your Airpods from getting damaged by water.

If you have any other questions about wearing your Airpods in the shower, feel free to leave them in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading.

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