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The well-liked wireless earphones from Apple, the Airpods, have a huge fan base. These compact, lightweight headphones are the perfect option for commuters, tourists, and tech enthusiasts because they provide high-quality audio and the ease of a wireless connection.

Even though most Airpods users do not have charging problems with their headphones, the subject of whether you can overcharge your Airpods has become debatable. This blog post will provide answers and other relevant information to this thought. Read on.

Can you overcharge Airpods?

No. It is impossible to overcharge Airpods as the internal controller circuit will stop the Airpods from receiving charges once its lithium-ion Battery is full.

The Airpods has its own internal batteries that run along its stem. When you put them in their case, they start receiving charges from the case and stop once this internal Battery is full. An internal circuit is responsible for controlling the charging process of the Airpods.

Can you overcharge Airpods case?

No, the Airpods case, just like the Airpods, cannot be overcharged. The Airpods case also stores charges in an embedded lithium-ion battery which it uses to provide multiple full cycles of charges for the Airpods.

Additionally, it is recommended that you only charge the Battery inside an Airpods case when the internal Battery is low. Every Battery has a finite charge cycle. Sooner or later, the capacity of the Battery will begin to depreciate, and the Battery will die off.

While it is impossible to overcharge the case battery due to its internal control circuit, it is also necessary to maximize the available charge cycles of the Battery by charging the case only when the Battery goes down.

How to charge Airpods case (Detailed Explanation)
To charge your Airpods Case with a cable, insert the other end of your lightning cable into a wall adapter or a USB port on your computer, then plug the other end into the charging port of the case to charge it.

Can you overcharge Airpods Max?

No, you cannot overcharge the Airpods Max due to the lithium-ion Battery, which Apple uses in all of its Airpods. The Battery was created to address the drawbacks of the nickel battery, which was the conventional technology until a couple of years ago.

Lithium-ion batteries are lighter, have more capacity, outperform nickel batteries, are easy to integrate with circuits, and have a longer life cycle making them an easy choice for electronics devices.

With all the above qualities and the ability of a control circuit to regulate when the Airpods should accept charges, it is practically impossible for you to overcharge the Airpods.

Airpods Max

Do Airpods stop charging when full?

Yes, Airpods stop charging once the batteries are full. The lithium-ion batteries used in both Airpods and their cases can be unstable under certain conditions.

Hence, Airpods and Airpods cases have an internal control circuit that helps them to cease charging when the Battery reaches 100%. The same circuit can allow the Airpods to accept charges if the charges it has acquired drop below 100%.

How long can you leave Airpods on the charger?

You can leave the Airpods charging for as long as you want. The casing is designed to stop the charging process after the Battery is fully charged, so they can't really overcharge.

The device will immediately block the current going into the Airpods' Battery, even if they are still connected.

Although, it takes an average of an hour to charge the Airpods case to full capacity. This full capacity can provide multiple full charges to your Airpods to sustain it for up to 24 hours.

How to store the Airpods?

Your Airpods should be stored in their case when they are not in use. Keeping Airpods in that position is usually a good idea. It doesn't just keep them charged constantly but also shields them from being crushed or physically damaged, which do occur frequently.

Also, keep Airpods away from extreme heat and cold temperatures. Airpods perform poorly in extremely hot or cold temperatures like all other battery-powered devices. That's not to suggest you shouldn't wear Airpods in the summer or winter. Just be careful not to leave your Apple headphones in frigid temperatures or direct sunshine.

Finally, storing the Airpods in their case provides a means to set up, reset or connect them to a compatible device. The firmware to carry out many actions mentioned above is designed to work with the case.

Can Airpods charge with the case open?

Yes, your Airpods will charge once you place them in their case, whether the case is open or closed. Simply confirm that the Airpods are charging by checking if the indicator light is amber.

If you do not see any light, it may be that the case battery has depleted. Plug a lightning connector into the case and check again to ensure the Airpods are charging.

Charging Airpods with the case open

Frequently Asked Questions about overcharging Airpods

Q. What happens if you leave Airpods charging?

A. The batteries in the Airpods won't be damaged even if you leave them to keep charging. As a result, nothing will really happen.

Q. Why does my Airpods case die so fast?

A. The Airpods die because they have tiny batteries and are constantly being used due to their quality and reliability.

Q. How to avoid overcharging your Airpods case?

A. Since you cannot overcharge your Airpods, you cannot find any way to avoid overcharging what cannot be overcharged.

Although, it is recommended that you use the approved lightning cable or a Qi-compatible wireless charging mat to charge the Airpods.

Q. Is it okay to charge Airpods cases overnight daily?

Well, it's safe to charge your Airpods anytime as they can't be overcharged. You can do so overnight if you think it's the best time for your Battery to be fully charged.

By morning, your case will be fully charged. Then, you could find brief moments in the day when you are not using your Airpods to listen to music or make calls to recharge them for 10 to 20 minutes quickly.

Can Airpods give you headaches? (Answered)
o, Airpods do not give headaches. Although, some users have reported experiencing headaches and accompanying ear pain after extended use. These effects cannot be attributed to the device itself, but they may be due to how it was used.

Wrap up

Now we have seen that overcharging our Airpods doesn't cause harm to the Airpods themselves, as they are protected by an internal circuit embedded in the Airpods and the Airpods case.

If you have any questions about overcharging Airpods, please ask them in the comments below. Thanks for reading.

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