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With the advent of new technologies, you would have heard of Airpods. These wireless earbuds have been growing in popularity since they were released.

While buying Airpods, they come with a case which you use to charge them. If you're an owner of Apple's Airpods, you must have wondered if they can only be charged from the case.

So, the question comes up. Can you charge your Airpods without the case? This question has been asked by people who misplace their charging case or damage it.

In this blog post, we will discuss whether or not it is possible to charge your Airpods without the case and how to do it. Keep reading to learn more.

Can you charge Airpods without the case?

No, you cannot charge Airpods without the case. It's not possible, and Apple does not recommend it. Do not pay attention to any advice on how to charge your Airpods without the case.

Using the case with which the Airpods came is still the best option to charge it. You can resort to getting a replacement case if you can't find the case.

This seems to be a recurrent question for every Airpods owner. There has been a lot of misconception about it. Most people believe that Airpods can be charged without a case, by using a pin charger, or by downloading an app. So that you know, they don't work.

The only possible means to charge your Airpods without the case is another case or a wireless charging case (from Airpods 2nd generation and later models).

Debunking the two common myths on charging your Airpods without the case

I will debunk the two common myths about charging your Airpods without the case: using a narrow pin charger and downloading an app as they don't work.

The first ridiculous claim is that you can use a narrow pin charger

People claim they can use the old Nokia phone narrow pin charger to charge your Airpods. This theory is untrue looking at these two things:

Contact point: Airpods and narrow pin chargers don't have the same contact point. While Airpods have two minor contact points at the bottom for charging, the narrow pin charger has just one, which does not match the contact points of the  Airpods.

Dangerous: Using the narrow pin charger to charge your Airpods can also be dangerous for your Airpods. This is because you are using an unsafe and unrecommended method to charge your Airpods. This method may not only charge them but can lead to an incorrect amount of current flowing into your Airpods, damaging them.

Airpods being charged with a lightning cable

The second claim is making use of an app to charge your Airpods

Some sources ask users to go to a website and download two unrelated apps and use them for 30 seconds before they can access the app that can charge their Airpods.

Long story short, you cannot charge your Airpods with an app, and those apps you are asked to download might be malware or virus programs on your phone. So, it is advisable to desist from that myth.

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How to charge Airpods without the case

As mentioned above, the only means you can use to charge your Airpods without the usual case is through a wireless charging case (from Airpods 2nd generation and later models). Here is how you can do that.

If your Airpods are not 1st generation, and you misplace the charging case, Apple has created a solution for you. You can use wireless charging cases. The wireless charging case can be bought separately for your Airpods. Here is how to make use of the wireless charging case to charge your Airpods:

  • Put your Airpods in the wireless charging case and place them on any Qi-compatible charging mat or stand.
  • Check the light to know if it's charging. If they are not, you can reposition the case and check the charging cable connection of the mat to see if it's plugged in correctly.

Can I charge my Airpods with a different case from its own?

Yes, you can charge your Airpods with another different case in the event of loss or damage. Though, the different case must be of the same model as your Airpods to charge it successfully.

You can either use your friend's charging case for a while or get an official Apple replacement case.

You can replace your charging case by going through Apple. The case price depends on your warranty and what happened to your previous case if it's damaged, lost, or defective.

Also, you can go for a third-party replacement case if you can't afford the official Apple replacement case. Sometimes, it is more affordable, although Apple doesn't recommend it.

If you must buy it there, check their customer review before purchasing and make sure you buy a case that supports the exact model of your Airpods. If not, they won't charge.

Airpods Pro wireless charging case being charged on a wireless charging pad

How to charge Airpods with a different case

  • First, you will have to forget your Airpods on your iPhone or iPad. Go to your phone settings, select Bluetooth, then tap the small 'i' in the circle next to your Airpods. Click on forget device, and tap to confirm it.
  • Put your Airpods into the new case. Ensure that the case you are putting your Airpods into is the same model. Allow the Airpods to charge for at least 15 minutes.
  • Open the charging case. This action will turn on the status light on the case. Then press and hold the button behind the case until the light flashes white.
  • On your iPhone, you get a notification asking you to connect to Airpods. Tap connect so your Airpods can pair with the new charging case. After this, click DONE.
  • You can now make use of this case to charge your Airpods. If you borrowed the case from a friend, ensure they pair their Airpods back when you return the case using this same setup method explained above.

How to know if your Airpods are charging when in another case

To know if your Airpods are charging, you need to take note of the status light. The status light is inside the lid on the first and second-generation Airpods. For the Airpods pro, it is in front of the case. You can get a better understanding below;

  • Green light with your Airpods in the case indicates that the Airpods are fully charged.
  • Green light with no Airpods in the case indicates that the case is fully charged.
  • Amber light indicates that the case or Airpods is charging.
  • Amber light flashing indicates that you need to set up your Airpods again. An error may have occurred.
  • A flashing white light shows your Airpods are in pairing mode and is ready to connect.

How do I Find My dead Airpods without a case?

If your Airpods are dead and you try to find them, you may only see their last known location using the "Find my" app from a connected device. For a detailed explanation of how to do this, click here.

For the Airpods case, there is no way of tracking them alone, except they are with the Airpods when they are being tracked. The tracking method outlined by Apple does not cater to the Airpods case.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Airpods Charging without a case

Q. What type of charging cords do Airpods use?

The charging cord used to charge Airpods is Apple lightning cable. These cables are designed specifically for Apple devices. It will not work if you try to use a standard USB cord.

You should also ensure that the charging cord is fully inserted into the lightning port. If you notice that the charging cable is loose, you should try using a different one. If your charging cord is broken, try using a replacement cable.

Q. Can you charge Airpods on a wireless charger?

Yes, you can charge your Airpods on a wireless charger if it isn't the first generation Airpods. Simply insert your Airpods into the wireless charging case and place them on a Qi-compatible wireless charging pad.

Some wireless charging pads can support multiple devices so that you can charge more than one device at a time.

Q. Can you track the Airpods case?

No, you won't be able to track the case alone because it isn't connected or close to your Airpods. It's a simple case that protects the Airpods and provides a means for you to charge them.

Q. How do you know if your Airpods are dead?

If the Airpods are completely dead, they will refuse to power on. In that case, you must try to charge the Airpods for a few mins. Then, power it on, connect it to a device and check the battery level.

If your Airpods are dead and can still power up, you can check the battery indicator on your iPhone.

Wrap up

If you own an iPhone, you'll want to get Airpods at some point. Not only are they the most convenient wireless headphones you can use, but they're also an Apple product and come with great support.

From this article, you now know that it is not possible or advisable to charge your Airpods by any other means other than its charging case. Thanks for reading.

If you have questions about Airpods charging, please feel free to leave them in the comments below.

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