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I know you're curious and want to see how you can use Airpods with Android devices. Even devoted Android users feel the buzz surrounding Apple products.

You might want to utilize your Apple Airpods on an Android device if you switch from an iPhone to an Android phone. Well, in this extensive article, we look at how to use Airpods on Android and Windows.

Can I use my Airpods with an Android device?

Yes, Airpods are compatible with Samsung and other Android devices because they use Bluetooth technology. However, you may be unable to utilize all of Airpods' useful capabilities when connected to an Android device.

This applies to all of Apple's related headphones, not just the conventional Airpods.

Though the Airpods Pro and Airpods Max function flawlessly on Android, we do not recommend purchasing these devices for your Android device, considering their high cost and the fact that you can't use all of their capabilities.

But before you, good ahead.

Quick Information about Augmentative Alternative Communication (AAC) on Airpods

Even though Apple Airpods are widely available, Android users shouldn't choose them because while AAC works quite well in terms of vocalizations on iPhones, it falls short on Android smartphones.

AAC, which means Augmentative and Alternative Communication, is a form of communication that conveys feelings, needs, goals, and thoughts through body language (in this case, vocalizations) while using the Airpods.

With each new keynote, the distinction between Android and iOS devices becomes more evident because the two operating systems conduct AAC vocalizations streaming differently.

Can I sleep with Airpods? (Answered)
Yes and no. Wearing your Airpods to sleep can cause many hearing problems, especially when listening to loud music. Airpods can be safe to wear while sleeping if they are used correctly.

Android may lower streaming quality to save energy by not prioritizing Bluetooth encoding.

To understand this in detail, we could go into psycho-acoustics. But stating it mildly, psycho-acoustics is the study of how humans perceive sound from a scientific point of view. It means that our brains can process a limited number of sounds simultaneously.

When you test AAC, which simulates this, it becomes clear that it uses far more resources on Apple devices than Android devices.

There Are Two Ways You Can Use Airpods on Android Device

Now we have established that Airpod is usable on Android, let's take a look at the various ways:


To use Airpods directly on an Android device, follow these simple steps:

  • Open Settings.
  • Click on connected devices.
  • Tap pair a new device on your Android device.
  • Your phone will enter Bluetooth pairing mode as a result.
  • Ensure the charging port is open before placing your Pair of Airpods or Airpods Pro inside.
  • Press and hold the button on the back of the case for a few secs.

Depending on your model, the case's LED light will eventually blink white from amber when your Airpods are ready to pair.

For the Airpods Max, the pairing indicator light is located at the base of the right earcup.

Then check the Bluetooth pairing menu on your Android. The Airpods should be listed. Click on it to link the Airpods with your Android.

Correct casing and Airpods positioning for pairing with devices

Indirectly (Third-Party App)

This can be done with the Andropods app. Andropods can be downloaded on the google play store on your Android device.

Andropod supports most Airpods models.

You don't have to worry about not seeing a battery level indicator from the app. A popup window with animation akin to the original will display Airpods battery level in the notification icon.

How to Use

Give the application access to detect your position at the first launch (necessary for Bluetooth LE discovery) and to display window overlays (for popups).

Then, select your preferred choices and turn on the service. That's it.

1) Voice Assistant activation only functions when no background music is playing. This is an Android restriction.

All other apps that use the Airpods operate in the same way. Due to this restriction, kindly refrain from leaving critical reviews.

2) You can try adding an application to the white list in the phone's battery optimization settings if you experience any problems with battery level refresh (it never really occurs).

Airpods Features that work on Android Device

You can nevertheless appreciate the following qualities in this unusual pairing:

Transparency & Automatic Noise Cancelation (ANC) Mode

As previously indicated, switching between ANC and Transparency Mode on an iOS device requires a long press of the Airpods Pro force sensor on the stem.

You'll be happy to know that this feature is still accessible using the same gesture when linked to an Android device.

Tap Gestures

Tap capability is still usable on Android despite the Airpods' limited functionality when using Android devices.

For example, double-tapping your Gen 1 Airpods on iOS activates Siri.

However, as Android devices lack Siri, this gesture will not work.

Although, the Airpods Gen 3 and Airpods Pro playback controls (single, double, and triple squeeze motions) are still usable on Android.

Listening on a Single Airpod

On iOS, using a single Airpod is not problematic because each Airpod can work independently. They are capable of connecting to a device alone.

Simply switch your sound output from stereo to mono audio under Settings >Accessibility.

A pair of Airpods connected to an iPhone

Airpods features that Does not work on Android Device

Some features will not work on your Android device. They are:

Automatic detection of ears

One of the most remarkable characteristics of the Airpods is this highly desired function, which recognizes when it is removed from the ear and immediately pauses playback. When the Airpod is put back in the ear, it recognizes this action and resumes playback.

A third-party program like Assistant Trigger can help you get past this encumbrance. The fact remains that this feature is iOS-only and won't function on Android out of the box.

Alerting users on battery life

Most wireless earbuds delay sending low battery alerts, giving you little opportunity to know when to get them charged.

For iOS devices, Apple's answer is to provide you visual and audio alerts when your battery is at 20, 10, and 5% of its capacity, respectively.

Using Siri or the iOS Control Center, you can also keep an eye on your battery's current condition.

Unfortunately, unlike iOS devices, Android does not allow you to check the battery level of your Airpods natively. You'll need a third-party app like AirBattery to accomplish this. After setting them up, these apps will notify you of your battery status.

Automatic switch between Devices

Apple values device versatility and ease, as evidenced by the automatic switching feature. Thanks to this capability, you may rapidly switch between the iPhone and other compatible Apple devices with your Airpods.

For example, your Airpods will swap devices for you if you use an iPad and wish to move to an iPhone to answer a call or listen to music. Using your iCloud account, device syncing enables this seamless transfer.

Also, other iOS devices in the vicinity will notice that the Airpods are available once you connect them to a single device and link them to your iCloud account.

However, only Apple devices have this feature. You will need to switch from one Android device to another manually.


You can handle your daily duties using "Siri," Apple's virtual assistant, including calling, texting, navigation, and even your exercise schedule.

It is an exceptional tool created to enhance Apple devices' use.

With Siri, you have hands-free access to your device with a voice-controlled AI that follows your requests. Siri can even notify you of new messages and even read them to you when used with your Airpods.

In addition, changing songs or adjusting the speaker volume while listening to music only requires a simple voice command.

But only Apple devices can use Siri because it is embedded in the native iOS. Android devices cannot use SIRI. They only have access to Google Assistant. Sadly, Airpods does not support Google Assistant.

This indicates that the standard Siri activation commands or orders will not work on your Android devices.

Frequently Asked Questions on using Airpods with Android

Q. Can I pair my Airpods to my laptop?

A. Yes, you can. Apple's wireless earphones can connect to many devices that have Bluetooth. They aren't only for iPhones or Airpods.

Q. How can I connect my Android laptop to my Airpods?

A. Ensure Bluetooth is turned on and navigate to Settings > Connected Devices > Bluetooth on the Android PC.

Open the case for the Airpods, place it next to the Android device, and press the white button on the back until the LED turns white. Then check the list of available devices, and then select Pair.

Q. Why won't My Airpods connect to my Android?

A. It could be due to several reasons, including low or empty batteries. Since they are wireless, Airpods usually need a full battery to pair and connect with other Bluetooth devices. Airpods will automatically shut down if the battery drops below 1%.

Is Airpods Noise canceling? (Answered)
Yes, Airpods are Noise canceling. However, Apple added this feature to its Airpods in later models, such as the Airpods Pro. It is known as the ANC or Active Noise Cancelation, one of the two noise control designs that the Airpods.

A. Press until the status light flashes white and hold the setup button on the back of the case. Click Bluetooth under System Preferences in the Apple menu on your Mac and select the Airpods from the list of available devices.

Q. How can I connect Airpods to Laptop with Windows 11?

A. You can do so by following the steps below:

  • Ensure that the case of your Airpods is open with the Airpods placed inside.
  • Long-press the button on the Airpods case.
  • When the case's light flashes white, let go of the button.
  • Select "Bluetooth & devices" under "Settings." on the Windows PC.
  • Select "+ Add device." Select your Airpods from a list of available devices to connect it.

Wrap up

This article has informed you on how to use Airpods with Android (or another Bluetooth device like a PC).

You can still use some features of Apple's well-known earphones on Android, even though the experience isn't as seamless as on iOS or macOS.

Hence, if you don't already own any Airpods, they aren't an ideal option for Android devices. Consider investing in a product that works better with Android, like the Galaxy Buds. Thanks for reading.

If you have questions about Airpods working with Android, Please leave them in the comments below.

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