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Every new version of the Apple watch comes with more exciting features. These features make them feel more than just a smartwatch, and users can't help but compare the Apple watch to an iPhone. This article will explain if the Apple watch can do everything an iPhone does. Keep reading to find out.

Can my Apple Watch do everything an iPhone does?

No, an Apple Watch cannot do everything an iPhone does. Although amazing features appear on every new release of an Apple watch, it cannot be as powerful as an iPhone or iPad. However, it can still handle many tasks you use your iPhone to perform.

Similar Features on Apple Watch and iPhone

Listening to Music

You can listen to music with both your Apple Watch and iPhone. Through cellular support on the Apple watch, you can stream Music from Apple Music on your Apple Watch. You'll need to pair the Watch to your Bluetooth headphones or speaker to listen to music. You can also create a playlist with your Watch or through the My Watch app on your iPhone. Then, open the music app and select any track you wish to listen to.

Power reserve mode

Just as you turn on the power-saving mode on your iPhone to stop the battery from draining fast, you can also turn it on your Apple watch.

On your Apple Watch, swipe up to go to the control center. Press the first icon that displays your battery status. It will take you to the Power reserve section. You can turn it on by toggling the switch.

Reorganize your apps

Organizing your apps on your device can help you find them faster. You can also use this to keep your most used app where it will be visible. Both the iPhone and Apple watch are capable of this feature. You can either organize the app on your Apple Watch from the Watch itself or from the My Watch app on your iPhone.

Focus mode

A focus mode helps you filter out distractions that stop your productivity or disturbs your sleep. This feature on both the Apple Watch and iPhone enables you to select apps that should be recognized when the feature is turned on.

Can Apple Watch work with Android Phone?
No, you can’t use an Apple watch with an Android phone. Apple watches are designed to only work with iPhones. You need to install the Watch app on your iPhone to use your Apple watch with an iPhone.

Share photos

This is a recent feature installed on the Apple Watch once you upgrade the operating system to WatchOS 8. You get to share photos from your Apple watch just like you do on your iPhone. To share a photo on your Apple watch:

  • Go to the Photos app on your Apple watch.
  • Pick the photo you want to share and click on select.
  • Click on the small share button that will appear in the right-hand corner of your screen.
  • Different options where you can share that image will pop up.
  • Select your choice and send.

Unlock your device

When setting up your iPhone and Apple watch, you can turn on settings that enable your iPhone to unlock your Apple watch. Also, if this setting is activated for the Apple watch, you can use your Watch to unlock your iPhone.

An iPhone and a connected Apple Watch near a flower vase

Wash hand properly

When washing your hands, you can use your iPhone or Apple watch to ensure you wash your hands properly. This feature does a countdown to zero from twenty for you to ensure you've washed your hands long enough. The feature was added to iOS devices during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Go to the settings app on your Apple Watch, select General and tap on Handwashing to enable this feature on your Apple watch.

Update to the latest OS

Updating your device helps you get the most out of it. You have to update once an update is released. An iPhone and Apple watch can update their OS to the latest version. Once an update is available, you get a notification on your device. To update your Apple watch, you have to use your iPhone.

  • Go to the My Watch app and click on General.
  • Select Software update.
  • Follow the instructions listed there, and your Watch will be updated.
Will Apple store clean my AirPods? (Answered)
Yes, any authorized Apple store will clean your AirPods for you. All you have to do is take them into the store and ask a technician to clean them for you.

Clear all notifications

If you tend to receive too many notifications, you can clear them by swiping them down on your Apple Watch, where your recent history is shown. Long press the screen and tap Clear All to wipe them just like you would on your iPhone.

Use of Siri

Siri is Apple's voice assistant. Siri can help you perform some tasks on your device using your voice. For instance, "Hey, Siri, call mom." having Siri on your iPhone and Apple watch, you won't have to interact with your device for everything you wish to do. Just ask Siri to perform the task.

Take a screenshot

The process of taking a screenshot on both your Apple Watch and iPhone is similar. For your iPhone, press the power button and low volume button simultaneously. On your Apple watch, press the digital crown and action button simultaneously. The images will be saved automatically on your iPhone's camera roll.

There are other features worth mentioning that the Apple Watch can perform, like the iPhone. e.g. communication (for cellular models), accessing calendars and contacts, getting directions, setting the alarm, mapping via GPS, and more.

An Apple Watch placed on top of an iPhone on a table

Features an Apple Watch has that an iPhone doesn't have

Although the Apple watch is an extension of the iPhone and can perform certain similar actions, it will surprise you to know that there are some features that the Apple watch has that the iPhone doesn't. Check them out below.

Measure your heart rate

Apple Watch can measure your heart rate by using photoplethysmography. This means your Apple watch detects how blood flows through your wrist using green LED lights paired with photodiodes. Through this process, your Apple Watch can calculate the number of times your heart beats every minute, and if your heart's BPM is high, it notifies you. This feature is configured in Apple watch series 4 and later models.

Take an ECG reading

Taking an Electrocardiogram (ECG) reading is one of the new features of the Apple watch series 4 and later models. This test helps detect an abnormality in the heart rate, which could be atrial fibrillation (Afib). Afib increases the risk of a stroke, heart failure, or other heart-related complications. So your Apple watch can serve as a watchdog for your health. This feature is unavailable on the iPhone.

Measure your blood oxygen

You can measure your blood oxygen levels on your Apple watch by using the Sp02 sensor. This feature is found on the Apple watch series 6 and later models. Go to the Blood Oxygen app on your Apple watch and follow the instructions shown there to check your blood oxygen level. You can also get an automatic reading which gets recorded in your Apple Health app. You won't find this feature on the iPhone.

Haptic Alert

This alert is found on your Apple watch's sleep mode and other notifications. It notifies or alerts you by a gentle but consistent vibration or tap on your wrist. It is discreet and does not have to disturb people around you.

Does the Apple watch track sleep accurately?
Yes, the Apple Watch tracks your sleep accurately. But just like any other device, it may not be completely accurate every time. This is because the method the Watch uses to acquire your sleep data depends entirely on how the Watch is used.

Frequently Asked Questions on Apple Watch doing everything an iPhone does

Q. What features does an iPhone have that an Apple watch doesn't?

A. An iPhone has many features you won't see on an Apple watch. To mention a few; Facetime calling, hotspot, camera, e.t.c.

Q. Why can't Apple Watch do everything an iPhone does?

A. First, you need to understand that an Apple Watch was designed to be an accessory to other Apple devices like the iPhone. It wasn't created in a pure sense to be a stand-alone device. Since you need your iPhone to set up and use your Apple Watch, the iPhone will always have more features.

Q. Can I use my Apple watch as a phone?

A. Yes, your Apple watch (cellular models) can perform actions like a phone. e.g. make and receive calls, send text messages, access calendars, access contacts, get directions, set alarms, use GPS, and much more.

Wrap up

In many ways, your Apple Watch is a stripped-down version of an iPhone. But that doesn't mean it has limited functionality. In fact, there are a lot of things that you can only do with an Apple Watch.

This article has already explained them and also answered the question if an Apple watch can do everything an iPhone does.

If you have other questions about this article, kindly leave them in the comments below. Thanks for reading.

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