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Can Airpods overheat?

Can Airpods overheat?
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Apple released a wireless earbud called the Airpods. This new technology is innovative for those who want to listen to music or podcasts on the go and do not want to be bothered with cables. Apple's Airpods offer a stylish way to listen to music, but most users are curious about what their restrictions might be. We've seen some users worry if they can overheat. So we have researched whether this is a legitimate concern and have found the answers.

In this article, I'll explain what you need to know about Airpods and if they can overheat.

Can my Airpods Overheat?

Yes, your Airpods can overheat. Just like any other electronic device, it can overheat. Some Airpods users have complained about high temperatures on their Airpods if they are used too long or stored in a hot environment.

This might pose a problem for you if you intend to buy Airpods. We will discuss what causes your Airpods to overheat, how to prevent them from overheating, and what to do if your Airpods start overheating.

Why do my Airpods overheat?

There are different reasons your Airpods overheat. Fun fact, you can prevent most of them from happening. Check out the list below to see the reasons that can make your Airpods overheat.

  • Exposing them to high temperature

Exposing your Airpods to high temperatures is one of the worst things to do. High temperatures are capable of frying the components within the Airpods. Some people forget their Airpods in their cars facing direct sunlight, some on the beach or balcony, etc. If your Airpods are exposed to high temperatures for a long time, they will not only overheat but will most likely get damaged. This usually happens to Airpods in an environment with hot temperatures.

  • Accumulated Dust

Dust and dirt will accumulate if you don't clean your Airpods for a long time. The dust and dirt accumulated on your Airpods include earwax from your ear and dirt from your surroundings. These dust and dirt will cover the meshes and openings of the Airpods. Aside from its primary functions, the meshes and holes on the Airpods serve as a ventilation outlet to dissipate any heat generated by the device. Lack of ventilation can easily lead to the overheating of the device.

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  • Using the wrong charger

Be careful to avoid using a 3rd party knockoff charger. When traveling, you might be tempted to get a third-party charger to charge your Airpods if you forgot the authorized charger is at home or if your Airpods charger gets damaged. Some third-party chargers are sold to produce a high current for fast charging your Airpods. These chargers malfunction in the long run and may start overheating.

  • Hardware issues

If you bought your Airpods recently and it starts overheating soon after, there is a chance that it has hardware issues. If you've ensured your Airpods are not exposed to high temperature and cleaned the dust off them, then the problem is from the Airpods themselves.

You may be wondering what is causing the hardware issues. This is a technical issue reserved for authorized technicians to check and repair.

Leaving the Airpods outside (on the grass) under the sun might lead to overheating

How to stop my Airpods from overheating

To stop your Airpods from overheating, you need to observe them and know what causes them to overheat in the first place.

  • Exposing them to high temperature

If this is caused by exposing your Airpods to a high temperature, you should stop it. Don't expose your Airpods to direct sunlight. When on the beach during summer, put your Airpods in a cool or ambient environment once you stop using them. Avoid keeping them near a hot environment, like the oven or fireplace.

  • Accumulated Dust

If your Airpods overheating is caused by accumulated dust, you should clean your Airpods properly to allow ventilation. The most suitable way to clean your Airpods is with a dry microfiber cloth. While cleaning off the dust on your Airpods, ensure that you don't put them in water. Your Airpods may be water resistant, but they are not waterproof. So placing them in water to clean them will only cause more harm than good.

  • Using the wrong charger

Ensure you are using a certified charger from Apple to charge your Airpods and not from a third party. If you travel a lot, get two chargers from an Apple verified store and keep one permanently in your travel bag so you wouldn't have to buy third-party chargers when you forget the regular charger you use.

  • Hardware Issue

If hardware issues cause the problem, you'll need to take them to an Apple service center to repair them. They are the perfect place to repair them. Don't fix them yourself or give them to someone inexperienced, so you don't cause more damage to them.

What happens to my Airpods if they overheat?

Fortunately, Apple designed Airpods in such a way that it self-regulates or remedies the temperature issue when it is out of bounds. When your Airpods start overheating, it will reduce the life span of its battery life. This is why your Airpods go off once they start overheating. If they don't go off when you notice the temperature is too high, you can turn them off and let them cool down before you start using them again.

Which temperature is the best for Airpods?

Airpods perform effectively at room temperature, although they can also perform outside of room temperature. A temperature range of 0 to 35 degree Celsius or 32 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit is the best temperature for your Airpods. If it exceeds or goes below that, your Airpods may have some

Using the Airpods in a cool environment near a lake will keep it working for a long time 

Can my Airpods overheat when charging?

You will feel your Airpods getting a little warmer while you charge them. This is normal, so there is no cause for alarm. Your Airpods will also get a bit warm when used for a long time. This is also normal.

However, if you notice that your Airpods are getting unusually warm even when you are not charging or using them, you should keep them in a cool place or away from heat.

Is it safe to charge my Airpods overnight?

Yes, it is safe to charge your Airpods overnight, but ensure they are charging with the approved charger. Charging your Airpods for a long time doesn't make them overheat. When the battery of the Airpods and its charger is full, the internal electronics will cut off the power to avoid overcharging and overheating. Also, ensure that while charging the Airpods, they are not kept near any heat source.

Can I wear my Airpods under the sun?

Yes, you can wear your Airpods under the sun. However, if you've worn them for a long time under the sun and they begin to malfunction (i.e., disconnecting or turning off), they are getting hot. At this point, you should take them off and allow them to cool off.

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Frequently Asked Questions on if Airpods overheat

Q. What makes Airpods stop working when they overheat?

A. The internal components of the Airpods are not designed to function under high temperatures. They may even get fried once they are hot.

Extreme heat can also melt some plastic and fry the metal chip in your Airpods, making them stop working.

Q. Can my Airpods explode from overheating?

A. Some users have reported a few cases of Airpods exploding due to overheating from using third-party chargers. Once your Airpods go above 40 degrees Celsius, they will likely explode due to their lithium battery. Lithium batteries are known to be unstable under high temperatures and pressure.

Q. How to replace my Airpods damaged by overheating?

A. If your Airpods get damaged due to overheating, you will have to get a new one. AppleCare doesn't cover this damage unless it's from hardware issues observed while manufacturing the earbuds.

Q. What to do if my new Airpods start overheating?

A. If you bought a new Airpods and you notice that it is overheating due to hardware issues, you can try to get them replaced if Applecare still covers them.

Wrap up

If you enjoy using your Airpods, ensure you keep them within normal temperatures so it doesn't get damaged from overheating.

This article has explained if Airpods overheating, the causes, and how to prevent it. If you have any questions, kindly leave them in the comments below. Thanks for reading.

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