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Hey there, welcome to your new home of Apple solutions on the web.

Apple products are awesome, but they're not perfect. You've probably had some problems with your iPhone, Mac, or other Apple devices at one point.

They can be a lot to handle. There are so many different types of apple devices that it’s hard to keep up with all the problems you may run into.

Let's be honest here—Apple is a tech company and not everyone who buys their products understands the technology behind them. We get it.

Apple is complicated and there’s a lot to know about their products, especially when something goes wrong or you need help using your device. That’s why we created Tech Formular. We wanted to make answering questions on apple products easier than ever before!


We provide solutions to common issues on Apple devices in easy-to-understand language so you can get back to using your device as quickly as possible.

Our blog is full of answers to problems you may encounter while owning an apple product. Whether it’s how-to guides or straightforward answers to questions, our team has searched far and wide for solutions that work for you.


You'll find an outline of different topics below, with links to each section so you can explore the parts that interest you most.

Your guide to Apple Solutions

Is there an age limit to Apple pay?
According to Apple support “if you’re less than 13 years old, Apple Pay isn’t available and you can’t add a card in the Wallet app....
What does a white line under an app mean?
The line is known as an “app shadow.” It occurs when there is a discrepancy between the resolution or compatibility of the app and the device....
Does Apple Watch Contain Nickel
Yes, the Apple Watch contains Nickle, and the nickel content in some of the models can be up to 0.15%....
Is There an Apple Pencil for Ipad 5th Generation?
The 5th generation iPad was released in March of 2017 and as of now, there is .......
Can your change Siri’s name?
No, you cannot change Siri’s name without jailbreaking your iPhone which will void your warranty should something go wrong!
What do the lights on an Airpod mean?
Have you ever seen the light on an AirPods and wondered what it meant? Flashing White: this means that the AirPods is trying to pair with a device via Bluetooth.
Do Samsung Galaxy Buds work with Ipad?
Yes, Samsung galaxy buds are compatible and work with Ipad devices, but you need to take note of a few things to get the most out of the earbuds.
Can Samsung galaxy buds connect to Apple watch?
Yes, you can connect your Samsung galaxy buds with your Apple Watch. The two devices are compatible through Bluetooth technology.
Which Apple watches can you shower with?
You can shower with:Apple watch series 2Apple watch series 3Apple watch series 4Apple watch series 5Apple watch series 6Apple watch series 7
Can you replace apple watch bands?
So can you replace apple watch bands? The answer is yes, and you can find a wide variety of replacement bands out there. In this post...
Can I swim with my Apple Watch Series 3?
Yes, you can. The watch is water-resistant up to 50 meters but is not recommended for use in waters with high velocity and pressure.
Amazing Health Benefits of Apple Watch to the Elderly
Benefits of the elderly using an Apple Watch include:- Reminders to take medication- Health & heart monitoring- ECG testing- Tracking location
What is wrist detection on Apple Watches?
Wrist detection is a feature on Apple Watches that allows it to know when it is being worn. This is done by using sensors on the Apple Watch
Amazing benefits of Hard fall detection on Apple Watches
benefits of having hard fall detection enabled on your Apple Watch:Increased health safety,Peace of mind,Enhanced independence,
Do I Need To Keep Bluetooth On For Apple Watch?
Whether or not you keep Bluetooth on really depends on how you use your Apple Watch and what features are most important to you. Though, we recommend that you do
Should I leave Apple Watch always on display?
There is no right or wrong answer to this question. It ultimately comes down to personal preference and how you plan on using your watch.
Does Apple Watch need screen protector?
If you are worried about scratches, dents, or cracking the screen of your watch, then you may want to consider getting a screen protector.
Do apple watches work with tattoos?
Mostly, No. Most tattoos can cause interference with the watch’s sensors. This article explains in detail how this happens.
Do Apple Watches have Sim Cards?
No, the Apple Watch does not have a normal SIM card but the GPS + cellular models of the Apple Watch make use of an embedded SIM (eSIM).
Can Apple watches be locked to a carrier?
No, Apple Watches are not locked with any carrier after production. However, if you come across the term “carrier locked”, it simply means that....
Does Apple Watch have Compass?
Only the Apple Watch SE or series 5 or later has a native inbuilt compass that may come in handy when you’re out and about in the outdoors.
Does Apple Watch drain iPhone battery? (Answered)
Yes, especially If you use your watch heavily. Heavy usage on your Apple Watch will drain the battery on your iPhone faster.
Do Airpods block out background noise? (Answered)
Yes, most AirPods block out background noise to some extent. But the AirPods Pro and Max have better noise-canceling capabilities than earlier models
Can you control volume on Airpods? (Answered)
Yes, you can control the volume on your Airpods and this article explains different ways to do it.
Can you pair Airpods with a different case? (Answered)
Yes, you can pair your Airpods with any case other than the case purchased with it. Though, it must be the same generation as the unavailable case.
Are Airpods good for conference calls? (Answered)
Yes, AirPods are good for conference calls. They are designed to provide clear audio quality and they also have a built-in microphone that can be used for this purpose.
How do Airpods know they are in your ear? (Answered)
Airpods Pro and earlier use optical sensors to detect when it is in your ear while Airpods 3 uses skin detection technology to detect when it is worn.
Does an Apple watch need a data plan? (Answered)
The Apple watch does not need a data plan if you do not want to use the cellular features. The Apple Watch can still be used with limited features without a data plan.
Can you connect to AirPods if case is closed or dead? (Answered)
No, you cannot connect to Airpods in a closed or dead case because the Airpods need to be in the case to charge and when charging, they cannot connect.
Can I track my Airpods if they are stolen? (Answered)
Yes, you can track your stolen Airpods using the “Find my” app on your Apple device when it is within a proximity of 40 feet.
Will Apple watch work if phone is dead?
Yes, the Apple Watch will still work if your phone is dead. Although, depending on the model of the Apple watch you are using, certain functions may not be available
How do AirPods charge so fast? (Explained)
The Airpods have small batteries that receive enough current to make them charge up very quickly. They also have efficient power management systems.
Are Airpods durable? How long do they last? (Answered)
Yes, Airpods are fairly durable. They are made from tough plastic that acts as a protective casing and fittings for the internal components.
Are Apple watches a waste of money?
It depends on your needs and wants. If you’re looking for a watch with a lot of premium features, then it’s probably worth the money spent on it.
Will Apple store clean my AirPods? (Answered)
Yes, any authorized Apple store will clean your AirPods for you. All you have to do is take them into the store and ask a technician to clean them for you.
Can you wear Apple watch inside your wrist? (Answered)
No, you cannot wear Apple Watch on the inside of your wrist. The design of the watch is such that it can only be worn on the top side of the wrist.
Can I connect my Apple Airpods to my Samsung TV? (Answered)
Yes, you can connect your Airpods to a Samsung TV via Bluetooth technology. The Airpod will connect to the TV like any other Bluetooth-enabled audio device.
Are Airpods good for working out? (Answered)
Yes, they are good for workouts because working out with music can help increase your motivation and performance.
Right Airpod pro not working? (Here’s what to do)
The first thing you should do is to check if it’s properly paired with your device. If you’re still having issues, check the volume of the Airpods Pro.
Can you wear Airpods pro without tips? (Answered)
Yes, you can but the Airpods Pro is designed to be used with the silicone tips. The tips create a seal in your ear, which improves sound quality and helps to block out ambient noise.
Airpods pro buttons (Everything you need to know)
Airpods Pro do not have physical conventional buttons on them but they do have touch-sensitive force sensors on their stem. These force sensors have a rectangular shape and they serve as buttons for the Airpods Pro.
Does Applecare cover lost Airpods? (Answered)
Applecare does not cover lost or stolen Airpods. If you lose your Airpods or the charging case, you will have to purchase a replacement Airpod or case offered by Apple.
Why are Airpods glitching? (Detailed explanation and solution)
Airpods glitching can be quite annoying but it can be resolved in various ways. There are a few things you can do to try and fix the issue, but if none of those work then you may need to contact Apple Support.
Are Airpods bad for your ears? (Answered)
It actually depends. While there is some evidence that Airpods can hurt your ears, there is also conflicting evidence that suggests they are perfectly safe.
Are Airpods Magnetic? (Answered)
Yes, Airpods are magnetic because they contain tiny electromagnets in their speakers. Electromagnets in speakers play the role of producing sound from audio signals.
Live Listen on Airpods (Detailed Explanation)
Live Listen is a feature on Airpods that uses the microphone on your iPhone to pick up sound and send it directly to your Airpods. This can be really useful if you want to hear something more clearly in a noisy environment, like someone speaking across a room near your phone.
Can You Connect Airpods to Playstation 4? (Answered)
Yes, you can connect the Airpods to your Playstation 4. There are several ways you can connect your Airpods to the PlayStation 4, but it isn’t as straightforward as connecting them like other devices.
Can you connect Airpods to Xbox One? (Answered)
Yes, you can connect your Airpods to your Xbox one using normal Wifi technology found in phones and Propriety Wifi by Microsoft. The way it works is that your phone will act as a go-between to stream audio between the Airpods and your Xbox one console.
How long do Airpods take to charge? (Answered)
Airpods take an average of 30mins to 1 hour to charge from 0-100%. If you’re using a wireless charger, it might take a bit longer.
What is haptic on Apple watch? (full explanation)
Haptic alerts are vibrations that you feel on your wrist when you receive a notification on the Apple Watch. They can be used to indicate that you’ve received a new text message
Can you answer calls with Airpods? (Answered)
Yes, you can use your Airpods (all generations) and Airpods pro to answer phone calls and even video calls. The steps to follow in other to make use of your Airpods to answer calls are straightforward.
Can you connect Airpods to Chromebook?
Yes, you can connect Airpods to a chromebook. Connecting Apple Airpods to other devices such as chromebook can sometimes be challenging, as Airpods are originally meant to be paired with Apple devices.
Can you connect Airpods to Dell or HP laptops? (Answered)
Yes, you can connect your Airpods to your dell or HP laptop. Although Airpods are made for Apple products, you can still connect them to devices from other brands.
Where can I sell my Airpods? (Detailed Explanation)
In this blog post, we explained where to sell your Airpods like Amazon, 9to5Mac, BuyBackElectronics, resale sites, and to family and friends.
Can I use Airpods without the case? (Answered)
Yes, you can use your Airpods without the case, but it is only temporary because when the Airpods battery runs down, the Airpods case will be needed to charge your Airpods.
Can you wear Airpods in the shower? (Answered)
No, you cannot wear Airpods in the shower. Apple, in their documentation, strongly advises against placing your Airpods in running water.
13 simple ways to spot fake Airpods pro
This article explains thirteen ways to spot fake Airpods Pro. These methods can be used individually or combined to help you avoid being scammed.
Why do Airpods keep pausing? (Explained and Solved)
The most common reason is the Ear Detection feature not working correctly, and proximity sensors power this feature. There are other reasons why the Airpods keep pausing, and they include:
Why do my Airpods die so fast? (Explanation and Remedy)
Your Airpods die faster because they contain small lithium-ion batteries, which deteriorate over time as you keep using your Airpods. This means that the more you use your Airpods, the lesser their battery capacity becomes until it dies off.
11 Awesome Reasons why Airpods Pro is so Expensive?
Considering some of its premium features, it should not be surprising that the Airpods Pro is pricey. Here are eleven reasons why they are expensive:
What is the difference between Airpods 1 and Airpods 2?
Airpods 1 and 2 are identical in style, colors, and size. The main difference is in their battery and charging case.
Can you charge Airpods without the case? (Answered)
No, you cannot charge Airpods without the case. It’s not possible, and Apple does not recommend it. Do not pay attention to any advice on how to charge your Airpods without the case.
Do Airpods have GPS? (Answered)
Apple Airpods don’t have GPS or any internal GPS sensor. Still, you can track them using a connected iPhone’s GPS tech that is nearby. The map inside the “FIND MY” app of iPhone will show you the last place the Airpods were in the range of a connected IOS device.
Why are my Airpods so quiet? (Answered)
Many Airpods users complain about their Airpods being low or quiet. This article contains various reasons and solutions to why this happens.
What is Activation Lock on Apple watch? (full explanation)
The Activation Lock on Apple Watch is a security feature that prevents your Watch from being used by someone else if it’s lost or stolen. In case your Watch is stolen or goes missing, the Activation Lock will lock it down, and the thief won’t be able to reactivate it for use.
Can others listen to my Airpods? (Answered)
Yes, other people can hear the sounds from your Airpods if they are close to you. This is possible because there may be sound leakage from the Airpods when the volume is turned way up, making it possible for people close to eavesdrop on the sound coming from it.
How to turn off or disable SIRI on Airpods (for All Models)
This article has outlined how to disable Siri for all models of Airpods and the Mac computer. Such details are helpful for those who find SIRI a nuisance or those who dislike using AI tools.
What is Mixed Cardio on Apple Watch?
Mixed cardio on Apple Watch is a variety of exercises that can be done with or without gyming equipment using an Apple watch to estimate and track your motion and heart activity.
What is the green light on my Apple Watch?
The green light is produced by the optical LED, which helps to measure measures your heart rate.But why green? Well, it’s because of a technology called photoplethysmography.
What does the water drop mean on Apple watch? (Explained)
The water drop icon on the Apple Watch means the water lock feature has been enabled. The water lock feature locks the watch’s screen and prevents all contact with water and accidental taps from activating it.
How to charge Airpods case (Detailed Explanation)
To charge your Airpods Case with a cable, insert the other end of your lightning cable into a wall adapter or a USB port on your computer, then plug the other end into the charging port of the case to charge it.
Can Airpods give you headaches? (Answered)
o, Airpods do not give headaches. Although, some users have reported experiencing headaches and accompanying ear pain after extended use. These effects cannot be attributed to the device itself, but they may be due to how it was used.
Message blocking is active on iPhone (Explained & Resolved)
You may get a “message blocking is active” error message because you might have blocked the person on the other end, or your number has been blocked by the recipient of the message you were trying to send.
Can you overcharge Airpods?
No. It is impossible to overcharge Airpods as the internal controller circuit will stop the Airpods from receiving charges once its lithium-ion Battery is full.
Can my Airpods read text messages?
Yes, your Airpods can read your messages if you turn the feature on. Apple designed the Airpods so that you can use Siri to listen to incoming text messages comfortably.
What is Transparency Mode on Airpods?
Transparency mode on Airpods is a helpful feature that allows you to control the passage of background sounds into the Airpods, which helps to improve your environmental awareness.
Can I sleep with Airpods?
Yes and no. Wearing your Airpods to sleep can cause many hearing problems, especially when listening to loud music. Airpods can be safe to wear while sleeping if they are used correctly.
Are Airpods capable of canceling noise
Yes, Airpods are Noise canceling. However, Apple added this feature to its Airpods in later models, such as the Airpods Pro. It is known as the ANC or Active Noise Cancelation, one of the two noise control designs that the Airpods.
Can I use Airpods with Android? (Answered)
Yes, Airpods are compatible with Samsung and other Android devices because they use Bluetooth technology. However, you may be unable to utilize all of Airpods’ useful capabilities when connected to an Android device.
What is special about Airpods?
Apple Airpods have a lot of distinctive features that make them special and in high demand. This article outlines these features in a detailed manner.
Are Airpods good for phone calls? (Answered)
Yes, Airpods are good for phone calls. They have an outstanding sound quality compared to other earphones and wireless earbuds. They are also incorporated with quality microphones, which makes them suitable for phone calls.
Do iPhones come with Airpods? (Answered)
No, iPhones do not come with Airpods. Airpods are a stand-alone product from Apple that needs to be purchased separately. No matter the model of iPhone you wish to buy, Airpods are not included.
Why do my Airpods hurt my ears (Detailed Explanation)
There are several reasons why your Airpods may hurt your ear. Let’s take a look at some of them:Your Airpods don’t fit you properly.You are wearing your Airpods wrongly.You’ve been wearing your Airpods for too long.You have ear infections.
Can Airpods Pro come in different colors?
Airpods Pro comes in one color - white, but due to huge demand, Airpods can be customized to have different colors. They can be painted in various custom colors, including shiny, matte, and bright colors.
Can an iPad be used as a phone? (Answered)
Yes, an iPad can be used as a phone. This can be done by connecting your iPad to Wi-Fi and using a third-party Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) calling service app.
Do Airpods Pro come with ear tips? (Answered)
Yes, Airpods Pro comes with attached ear tips as well as extra ear tips in its packaging. The ear tips have three different sizes for its ear tips: Small, Medium, and Large.
Why an iPad charges slowly?
There are different reasons why your iPad charges slowly. The speed of your iPad’s charging is determined by its charger’s wattage or power rating.
Does AppleCare cover a cracked screen? (Answered)
No, AppleCare does not cover a cracked screen, but the extended Applecare+ covers a cracked screen with a small charge. Until you .............
What GPS means on Apple Watch
GPS (Global Positioning System) on the Apple Watch is a feature that allows your Apple Watch to determine your location anywhere on the earth’s surface. It is also helpful for several apps and features, like Maps and Find My Friends.
Can Apple Airpods overheat?
Yes, your Airpods can overheat. Just like any other electronic device, it can overheat. Some Airpods users have complained about high temperatures on their Airpods if they are used too long or stored in a hot environment.
Is the Apple Watch resting heart rate accurate?
Yes, the Apple Watch resting heart rate feature is accurate. We conducted a little experiment using three Apple watches to measure the resting heart rate of three people.
Does the Apple watch track sleep accurately?
Yes, the Apple Watch tracks your sleep accurately. But just like any other device, it may not be completely accurate every time. This is because the method the Watch uses to acquire your sleep data depends entirely on how the Watch is used.
Can Apple Watch work with Android Phone?
No, you can’t use an Apple watch with an Android phone. Apple watches are designed to only work with iPhones. You need to install the Watch app on your iPhone to use your Apple watch with an iPhone.
Can the Apple Watch do everything an iPhone does?
No, an Apple Watch cannot do everything an iPhone does. Although amazing features appear on every new release of an Apple watch, it cannot be as powerful as an iPhone or iPad.
Do Apple Watches Come with a charger?
No, the Apple Watch does not come with a complete charger but with a magnetic charging cable that terminates with a USB port. The Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Cable is not just any regular USB cable
Can you answer calls with the GPS only Apple Watch
Yes, some Apple Watches, like the Series 3 Apple Watch (GPS), can make calls when the connected iPhone is nearby. However, the Series 3 (GPS+Cellular) can make calls even when the paired iPhone is not close by.
Can the Apple Watch be overcharged?
No, you cannot overcharge the Apple Watch. No amount of charging is too much for the Apple wristwatch. You can charge the Watch anytime, and at any period you want. This is because the lithium-ion batteries used in Apple watches stop charging your Watch once it reaches 100%.
Does the Apple Watch have a keyboard?
No, there is no built-in keyboard for earlier models of Apple Watches except the Apple Watch 7 and later. Though you can send emails and texts on your Apple Watch using the Scribble feature or Siri.
Does the Apple Watch cellular get its own number?
Apple Watch does not support and cannot have its own line. You do not need to acquire a new SIM card when you buy a cellular Apple Watch because it uses the phone number associated with the iPhone that its cellular plan is attached to.
How will I get my Apple Watch to count steps?
Steps can be tracked directly on your Apple Watch using the Fitness app or on your iPhone using the iPhone Fitness app or Health app. You may add a pedometer to your Watch face if you want to see how many steps you’ve taken each day without having to open the Fitness app on your Apple Watch.
Why does the Apple Watch Tell me to Breath?
If your Apple Watch cannot detect that you are active for a certain period, it will alert you to take a breath using the Breath reminder feature. This functionality can be toggled on or off, with the default setting being “on.”
How long does Apple Watch Last?
Naturally, this varies from user to user and from one Apple Watch version to the next. Even Apple itself won’t give us a specific life expectancy for this amazing wearable device.
Does Apple Watch track Blood pressure?
Yes, the Apple Watch can track your blood pressure. For your Apple Watch to track your blood pressure, you have to pair it with a third-party blood monitoring device.
What is walkie-talkie on the Apple Watch?
The walkie-talkie on the Apple Watch is an app that simulates radio communications technology used by regular walkie-talkies. This feature on the Apple watch is similar to the real walkie-talkie, where you have to press a button to talk and release it when you want to hear someone talking to you.
Can you FaceTime on your Apple Watch
Yes, you can FaceTime on your Apple Watch. However, you can only access FaceTime audio when making calls on an Apple Watch using wifi or a cell service network.
Can you take pictures with your Apple Watch?
No, you can’t take pictures with an Apple watch. Apple watches aren’t made with cameras. However, Apple designed the Apple watch in a way that you can see the picture your iPhone is about to take on your Apple watch.
Which Apple Watch models have an EKG?
The Apple Watch Series 4 and later models have the EKG (or ECG) app and an electrical heart rate sensor that allows you to take an EKG reading. In essence, you won’t get access to the EKG if you use earlier models of the Apple Watch before Apple Watch Series 4.
What is the red and green dot on the Apple Watch?
These indicators on your Apple Watch make it much easier to tell if there’s an unread notification on your iPhone, especially when you are not close to your phone.
Can you use the Apple Watch without the iPhone?
Yes, you can use an Apple watch without an iPhone. However, you need an Apple Watch cellular that works with an eSIM to connect to the internet without needing your iPhone.
How do I answer a call on y Apple Watch?
Raise your wrist to check who is calling when you hear or feel the call notification. When answering a call, you can carry out several actions:
Can you buy AppleCare+ after 60 days?
No, you wont be able to get it directly. Usually,within 60 days of purchasing your iPhone, you can purchase AppleCare+ in most countries and regions.
Does Apple Watch Detect Sleep Apnea
The ability to track your sleep data with the Apple Watch was introduced with the release of watchOS 7. You can now monitor your breathing throughout the night with watchOS 8, which may help identify early indicators of medical issues, including sleep apnea and lung disease.
Is the 40mm Apple Wristwatch Good for a Small Wrist?
Yes, the 40mm size of the Apple Watch will be ideal for you if you have a small wrist or simply want one of the least-priced Apple Watches.

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