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An Android Phone
An Android Phone

Hey there, welcome to your new home of android solutions on the web.

Android devices are great, but they're not perfect. There's always something that can go wrong and it can be frustrating to search for answers on google.

We all know that having an android device is pretty cool, but sometimes you need a helping hand when things get tricky.


Tech Formular is the solution. Our team of experts have put together this helpful blog to answer many questions people often ask about their android devices. From how to fix common problems with your devices, phones and wearables to how to get more out of your favorite apps, we've got you covered!

For now, you're probably just wondering what to do first. To help get you going as quickly as possible, we've populated our site with content covering various problems about you encounter with your devices and wearables.


You'll find an outline of different topics below, with links to each section so you can explore the parts that interest you most.

Your guide to Tech Formular

How to Delete Hidden Apps on Android: The Ultimate Guide
-Open the App Drawer and swipe up or down until you see the “Hidden” tab at the top of the screen.- Tap on this tab and all of your hidde.....
Tech Formular
We provide solutions and answers about mobile devices problems including how-tos and tips to efficiently use these devices.
There is an X on my mobile network icon Android
The “X” on your Android’s mobile network icon is not a mystery. This just means that your phone is unable to detect any cellular networks....
Connect wifi camera to Android without router
Do you want to connect your wifi camera to Android without a router? It can be done, and in this article, we will walk you through the steps necessary to do just that. The steps are simple, and within just a few minutes you will be able to view your
Is Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 waterproof?
Yes, the Galaxy Watch 4 is waterproof to a point with various protection ratings as discussed in this article.
How accurate is the Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch counter?
According to a study conducted by researchers at the University of South Carolina, the Samsung Galaxy smartwatch is accurate to 97% of steps taken.
Can I get Gmail on my Samsung Galaxy watch?
Yes, you can get Gmail on your Samsung Galaxy Watch. It is important to state that your watch must be connected to the internet for Gmail to work..
What is water lock mode on Samsung galaxy watch?
Water lock mode will keep your galaxy watch from being ruined by water so you can wear it while swimming without worrying about damaging it...
Can you make phone calls on the Samsung Galaxy Watch?
Yes, you can make and answer phone calls on the Samsung Galaxy Watch if it is connected to your Android phone and within Bluetooth range..
What is Bixby Home on my phone?
Bixby Home is where you can keep track of all your Bixby actions. Bixby is a Samsung voice-activated AI that can help you with anything you want.
How to Change Your Galaxy Watch to Military time(24 Hrs)
24 hour time is what you might think of as “military time” or “clock time”. Each hour has a number from 1 to 24 which represents it.
Samsung pay compatible phones
Galaxy Note9Galaxy S9+Galaxy S9Galaxy Note8Galaxy S8+Galaxy S8Galaxy S7 edgeGalaxy S7Galaxy S6 edge+Note 5Galaxy A8+Galaxy A7...
Are Samsung galaxy buds noise canceling?
Yes, Galaxy buds are active noise canceling. This means that they use ANC technology to block out any ambient sound.
Will Samsung galaxy buds work with google pixel phones?
The answer is yes, the Galaxy Buds can work with Google Pixel phones, as long as your Pixel has Bluetooth enabled and connected, it should work.
How to reset Samsung galaxy earbuds
Tap ‘settings’ in the wear or buds appFor galaxy buds, tap ‘about earbuds’Then, tap ‘reset’ or ‘reset earbuds’.Tap reset again to confirm.
Can I use only one galaxy bud earpiece?
The answer to this question is yes. You can use one Samsung galaxy bud and still get the full experience of your music or podcast.
Do Samsung Galaxy Buds work with Ipad?
Yes, Samsung galaxy buds are compatible and work with Ipad devices, but you need to take note of a few things to get the most out of the earbuds.
Can Samsung galaxy buds connect to multiple devices?
Yes, you can link your buds to multiple devices, but it doesn’t support multi-point connectivity. Only one device’s audio is connected at a time.
Can Samsung galaxy buds connect to Apple watch?
Yes, you can connect your Samsung galaxy buds with your Apple Watch. The two devices are compatible through Bluetooth technology.
Is Bluetooth jamming possible? (Answered)
Yes, Bluetooth jamming is possible. Bluetooth technology involves the use of radio waves to transmit data between devices. When these waves are disrupted, it can prevent the Bluetooth signal from working properly.

Wrap up

If you get through all those and you're hungry for more, you can tell us your suggestions by contacting us. We enjoy hearing from you and we will do our best to produce content that satisfies your need.

You can also check out our home page for our latest content.

Have fun.

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