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Airpods pro buttons are one of the most advanced earbuds around, and it is packed with several features. If you are new to them, you might think they are minimalist with no buttons. Actually, they do have touch-sensitive buttons on the stem, which Apple ensured are easy to use to control how the Airpods pro functions.

This article will look at everything you need to know about Airpods pro buttons. We will answer all your questions about them and provide some tips on how to use them. Let's get started.

Do Airpods Pro have physical buttons?

No, the Airpods Pro do not have physical conventional buttons on them but they do have touch-sensitive force sensors on their stem. These force sensors have a rectangular shape and they serve as buttons for the Airpods Pro.

To use the Airpods Pro, you will need to apply a little bit of pressure on the stem where the force sensors are located. The Airpods Pro will then respond according to how the button is pressed.

By using the force sensors as a button, you can listen to music, control Siri, make and receive phone calls and carry out other customized controls.

How do I control my Airpods Pro?

To control your Airpods pro to carry out various actions, you can tap on the force sensors. The default setup of the Airpods Pro touch controls is as follows:

  • Press the Force Sensor once to play audio and again to pause audio.
  • Double press the Force Sensor to play the next track or song.
  • Triple press the Force Sensor to play the previous track or song.
  • Press the Force Sensor once when receiving a call to answer it.
  • To activate Siri, press and hold the Force Sensor. Then, ask a question or give an instruction to control an app. This feature has to be set up on either of your Airpod Pro.
  • You can also set either of your Airpods Pro to allow you to switch between noise cancellation and transparency mode when you press and hold the force sensor.
Can you wear Airpods pro without tips? (Answered)
Yes, you can but the Airpods Pro is designed to be used with the silicone tips. The tips create a seal in your ear, which improves sound quality and helps to block out ambient noise.

Where do I tap my Airpods?

The touch sensor that recognizes tap functions is located on the stem of the Airpods pro, where you tap on it to control its functions. Check the flat straight part of the Airpods pro stem to find the sensor button.

You can tap your Airpods to control a variety of functions. For example, you can tap on it once to play or pause music, double-tap to skip forward, or triple-tap to skip backward. You can also customize the taps to perform different actions in the Airpods settings.

How does double tap on Airpods work?

The double taps or even any number of taps are recognized by sensors and accelerometers lodged inside the Airpods at the stem. The number of times it is tapped determines which command the Airpods pro will carry out. The default commands listed in Paragraph 2 are obeyed unless they are changed or customized from the settings of the Airpods.

So, typically when you double-tap on your AirPods, it will skip forward to the next track. You can also customize the double-tap function in the AirPods settings to perform other functions.

Can you control volume with Airpods Pro?

Yes, you can control volume directly from your Airpods Pro without accessing the connected Apple device. This can be easily achieved via Siri.

To control your device's volume via Siri, simply activate Siri by pressing and holding the Force Sensor and saying, "Hey Siri, turn up the volume" or "Turn down the AirPods volume."

This is a very convenient feature as you no longer have to take out your phone to change the volume, especially when you're in the middle of a workout or doing something else with your hands.

Can you wear Apple watch inside your wrist? (Answered)
No, you cannot wear Apple Watch on the inside of your wrist. The design of the watch is such that it can only be worn on the top side of the wrist.

Why won't my Airpods pause when I tap them?

If you're having trouble getting your Airpods to pause or the right Airpod is not working when you tap them, there are a few things you can try.

First, check to ensure that the double tap feature is turned on in your Airpod settings.

Second, try tapping firmly on the stem of the AirPod. Finally, if everything fails, you can try resetting your AirPods and reconnecting to them.

If you're still having trouble after trying all of these things, you may need to take your Airpods to an Apple store for further assistance.

What is the button on the back of the Airpods Pro case?

The button on the back of the Airpods pro case is the SETUP button and it is used for two main functions:

  • To activate the pairing mode of the Airpods pro so that it can begin pairing with a new device.
  • To reset the Airpods pro when you encounter issues or connectivity problems.

When you want to connect your Airpods pro to a new device, you will need to put them into pairing mode.

Place the Airpods pro in their case, open the case, then press and hold the SETUP button on the back of the Airpods case until the LED light flashes white.

The connection setup should pop up on your Apple iPhone/device. Follow the connection prompts to connect the Airpods pro to your device or connect the Airpods Pro to a Samsung TV.

If you're having trouble with your Airpods pro and none of the troubleshooting tips are working, you can try resetting them by placing them back in their case, then pressing and holding the SETUP button for about 15 seconds. The flashing light of the Airpods pro case will go from flashing amber to flashing white.

Doing this will remove all previous connections to the Airpods pro and allow you to commence a fresh connection.

Airpods Pro case showing the back setup button

Why is my Airpod Pro case flashing orange?

If your Airpod Pro case is flashing orange, it means that the Airpods is experiencing a connection error.

There could be a few reasons for this:

  • The Airpods pro may be too far away from the device they are trying to connect to.
  • There may be an obstruction between the Airpods pro and the device.
  • The Airpods pro battery may be low and needs to be charged.

If your Airpods Pro case is flashing orange, try moving your Airpods closer to your device or removing any obstructions that might be in the way. If this doesn't work, try charging your Airpods.

You can charge your Airpods by placing them back in their case. The LED light on the front of the case will turn steady amber when charging and turn steady green when Airpods is fully charged.

Frequently Asked Questions about Airpods Force Sensor buttons

Q.   Airpods pro buttons, what do they do?

The Airpods Pro buttons are the key to controlling the Airpod's features and functions. The main force sensor button is located on the Airpods pro stem and is used to control playback, answer/end phone calls, and activate Siri.

There is also a tap function in the AirPods settings that can be used to perform other customizable functions.

Q. Can you control volume with Airpods Pro?

Yes, you can control volume directly from your Airpods Pro without accessing the connected Apple device. This can be easily achieved via Siri.

To control your device's volume via Siri, simply activate Siri by pressing and holding the Force Sensor button on the Airpods Pro stem. Once Siri is activated, say "turn up the volume" or "turn down the volume."

Q. How can I check my Airpods Pro battery?

To check your Airpods pro battery life, simply place them in their open charging case and take the case close to your iPhone or connected Apple device. The Airpods pro and case battery level will be displayed on the screen.

Airpods pro case with green LED indicating that the Airpods are fully charged

Q. How can I customize the Airpods Pro taps?

You can customize the Airpods Pro taps to perform various functions through the Airpods settings on your Apple device.

Q. What happens when I press and hold the Airpods Pro button?

When you press and hold the Airpods Pro button, it activates Siri. You can then use Siri to perform various tasks such as adjusting the volume, performing a google search, or controlling installed apps.

Wrap up

In conclusion,  the Airpods Pro force sensor button can help you unlock the Airpods Pro's full potential. By becoming familiar with the button functions, you'll be able to use the force sensor to get the most out of them.

If you have any questions that weren't answered in this article, feel free to ask in the comments section below, and we'll do our best to answer them for you. Thanks for reading.

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