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Tech Formular's About page
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We understand that you have problems that require solutions using apps, online tools and gadgets in one place. Yea, we have all been there. So, we decided to create content that provides information to fulfill this need  without all of the hassle of going through the entire internet.

Techformular is an information website that aims to provide reliable tech solutions to everyday problems. TF is made up of brilliant minds (Emmanuel, Cornelius & Marcel) who are passionate about tech and use this passion to deliver excellent innovative solutions for our audience.

The Founder

Emmanuel Ani is a Physicist who also holds a post graduate Diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. He is passionate about tech and helping others in providing solutions. He has been working in and around the tech industry for about eight years before deciding to start Tech Formular having encountered problems easily obtaining tech solutions to common problems. He brings his experience and that of his team to bear  in providing content that is beneficial to you.

Note: If you're reading any post or page on out site and you want to get in touch with us or you notice something wrong, you can easily Contact us.

Please tell everyone about us.

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