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The popularity of Airpods is attributed to its combination of durability, convenience, and style. As an illustration, four years after the first sale of Airpods, Apple sold its 110 millionth pair.

Unfortunately, knock-offs and counterfeit Airpods have also been able to capitalize on this demand. Additionally, it is now more difficult to tell the fakes from the actual ones.

The fake Airpods manufacturers are becoming quite skilled, even perfecting the software of the Airpods. Distinguishing between authentic and counterfeit Airpods has even perplexed some legitimate Airpods users.

Fake Airpods and Airpods Pro are widely available in the market. It's not surprising given how well-known and liked the Apple earbuds are. They are now available through dubious third-party websites, which are currently being sold.

Although counterfeit products are not a recent issue, they are usually seen on online shopping sites. The supposed bargained item is a fake that closely mimics the pricey original. The expensive cost and strong demand of the Airpods Pro make it an ideal product for counterfeiters because they have a good profit margin even after paying high counterfeiting costs.

The buyer is responsible for verifying authenticity. And if that person happens to be you, then you're in luck because we'll show you ways to spot fake the fake Airpods Pro.

Knock-off Airpods pro has been going crazy online, so whether you are buying from a website or haven't purchased before, you want to ensure you're not getting ripped off. This article discusses 13 simple ways to spot fake Airpods pro. We'll discuss how you can spot the Mccoy between a fake and a real Airpods

It will also be a medium where I explain how dishonest parties copy many of Apple's hardware and software capabilities.

1. Through the text on the packaging box

The text on the fake pack is blurry and more faded out, so if you look a little closer, the fake Airpods pro text on the packaging will not be sharp and well defined when compared with the original.

2. Flushed packs

The fake Airpods pro pack is flushed and slightly elevated. There's a little gap between the cover and the bottom of the box. The real one has a tighter fitting box.

Can I use Airpods without the case? (Answered)
Yes, you can use your Airpods without the case, but it is only temporary because when the Airpods battery runs down, the Airpods case will be needed to charge your Airpods.

3. Symbols disarray

The fake Airpods pack does not have the same symbols as the genuine Airpods pack. The three shapes at the pack's back end are a bit different. The trash can comes first in the packaging of the original Airpods pro, but in the fake Airpods pack, it is the trash can symbol that comes last.

4. Green dot

The green LED light, i.e the charging light, is vividly green on the authentic pair. But for the fake pair, I'm guessing due to inferior quality, it appears dull, looking almost grey.

Green LED light on authentic Airpods

5. Sellers and customer reviews

The online seller's reputation and customer evaluations on the product page are another way to spot fake AirPods. There is a good possibility that the AirPods they are offering are fake if their product reviews are poor (⅗ or below).

Additionally, you ought to examine any accompanying content or media. Fake reviews with high ratings have become more common in some online stores to increase customer confidence in their product page.

6. Price

When determining whether or not the supposed phony AirPods Pro for sale are fake, consider other considerations including their price and quality. Original, brand-new Airpods sells for more than their manufacturer-recommended retail price. In contrast, fake copies will sell for far much less. If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Can you wear Airpods in the shower? (Answered)
No, you cannot wear Airpods in the shower. Apple, in their documentation, strongly advises against placing your Airpods in running water.

7. Paper texture

The paper texture in the packaging is different for the fake Airpods pro. It is glossy, while the genuine Airpods package paper is matte with a dull paper surface.

8. Weight difference

Now to the actual product, the Airpods case and the Airpod in it. They weigh pretty similar on a scale. The fake Airpods case and Airpods weighs 58 grams, while the real one weighs 57 grams. The phony pair purposely tries to match the weight of the real one, but it cannot because the fake Airpods do not use the existing technology of the authentic pair.

Another example is the weight of the actual Airpods. The real one weighs 11 grams which is the weight of all the components in it, including the battery and stuff that keeps it running. But the fake Airpods weighs only 8 grams which is a pretty big difference.

Also, checking the Airpods case without the Airpods in it, the fake weighs 50 grams, but the real one weighs 46. That's why they may have a similar weight when you weigh them together.

9. Back text

looking at the text on the back of the packaging, the back text of the fake Airpods pro seems pretty bad, but on the authentic pair, the design looks thin, crisp, and pretty clean. The phony pair looks like it was printed with some extra ink bleeding off the edges with thicker fonts.

10. Serial number

Using the serial number, you can identify a fake pair of Airpods Pro. The number is located on the southern side of the box, above the second barcode. Enter this serial number into Apple's service and support page to verify its authenticity. The majority of the fake product will fail this test. Some fakes are known to add genuine Apple serial numbers to their packaging.

You are in luck if you wish to verify the authenticity of your unit but have thrown out or lost the box. You can actually see the serial number of your Airpods Pro on the casing.

Check inside on the inside part of the cover of the charging/carrying case. The serial number is inscribed there as a the second print.

11. Ear tips

You're supposed to be able to take out the ear tips of the Airpods pro and replace them easily with a different size ear tip. It's pretty easy to replace the tips on the authentic pair, but for the fake pair, it is quite difficult to take the tips out.

On the authentic Airpods pro, the ear tips comes out pretty clean as there are no stains or anything, but when you try the same thing for the fake pair, you'll see some glue stains; it's not very clean. That's just a sign that the factory's quality control for the fake pair didn't fully clean it up. It looks gross.

12. Inaccurate battery readings

When you connect the Airpods to your device, it may not give a good or accurate reading for the battery level. The battery level or percentage will always jump around randomly. Your battery percent might jump between 6% to 102%. This definitely won't happen on the authentic Airpods pro.

Depicting accurate battery readings of Airpods on an iPhone

13. Noise cancellation

Noise-canceling is another excellent feature to distinguish between fake and authentic Airpods. For fake Airpods, the noise cancellation features don't work, as you would still hear noises from the background after activating the feature, which is terrible. The real Airpods cancel noise out completely when the feature is activated.

Can I get a refund after purchasing fake Airpods pro?

Yes, you certainly can. Try getting a refund if the online store or eBay vendor is still operational. With some emphasis and persistent demands for a refund, most vendors can be convinced to return your money. It can get a little more challenging if you discover the counterfeit after the return policy deadline has passed.

Most of the time, the vendor may claim to be able to rectify any minor issues observed. But it would be best if you didn't have high expectations because the price the fake Airpods were purchased is insignificant for the vendor to provide additional services. Notifying Apple is an alternative so that they can be aware of fraud against their company.

Our final advice is to avoid payment methods without buyer protection, such as paying cash when finding Airpod deals.

What is the difference between a knock-off and a counterfeit product?

Products that are knock-offs often mimic the original in terms of general design and occasionally in terms of features. Hundreds of wireless earbuds brands have white stems that imitate that of Apple AirPods, which is a nice way to illustrate knock-offs.

For counterfeits, they are blatantly illegal products that deprive both the original creator of their revenue rights and the purchaser of quality products. They do this by bearing the name and label of a genuine product while providing an imitation product.

Though not always, imitation products that resemble the original are typically less expensive. They usually cannot copy the original's intellectual property even when it is possible to avoid lawsuits. In some instances, imitations can be a sincere form of flattery. In rare situations, knock-offs can even be superior.

There are a lot of excellent copies of fake products, but since none come with a warranty from the original company, their worth is generally lower.

Most importantly, it is illegal, and if you purchase one, you have been duped. I hope this article helps you in getting a real pair of Airpods. Please don't get scammed. There are a lot of fake and counterfeit pairs out there.

Wrap up

If you decide to buy the Apple Airpods pro in a secondhand or online market, inspect and inquire about every tiny aspect before making a purchase. Also, input the serial number on Apple's website for authenticity checks. If the vendor says it was acquired less than a year ago, confirm and verify.

In conclusion, this article has explained thirteen ways to spot fake Airpods Pro. These methods can be used individually or combined to help you avoid being scammed. Thanks for reading.

If you have any questions about how to spot fake Airpods Pro, ask them in the comment section below.

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