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Apple has been doing what it does best, revolutionizing tech through innovative products. We've seen this with the iPhone, iPod, MacBook, Apple Watch, Airpods, and now the Airpods pro.

People are frequently anxious to get their hands on Apple's new products as soon as they are released. Apple has a solid customer base that will support its product.

Customers who are incredibly loyal as they enjoy what the company does. The Apple obsessions have most definitely not been an exception with the Airpods.

Some consumers question if the Airpods pro is worth it because of its high price tag. But why does the Airpods pro cost so much?

Reasons why the Airpods pro is expensive?

Considering some of its premium features, it should not be surprising that the Airpods Pro is pricey. Here are eleven reasons why they are expensive:

1. Branding and brand recognition

One of the most influential brands in the world right now may be the Apple brand. Apple has a very distinct way of operating, and its followers are eager to embrace whatever new products they introduce. The simple design is one of the most significant elements contributing to Apple's branding.

Although Apple products are made to simplify life, they accomplish it in a rather minimalistic manner. You'll see that most Apple products are available in silver or white. These items are not meant to be over the top. Instead, they should fit in naturally with your life.

Apple is renowned for doing away with excesses and persuading buyers to buy just one superior product, even if it is more expensive. People are aware of what to anticipate and how to use Apple devices. You should be able to utilize any of their other products after learning how to use one.

Apple has positioned itself as a high-quality, upper-class product. Other brands out there produce excellent quality products, but Apple products and companies sell the idea of trust and quality. They do so well because they sell emotion and not a product.

Why do my Airpods die so fast? (Explanation and Remedy)
Your Airpods die faster because they contain small lithium-ion batteries, which deteriorate over time as you keep using your Airpods. This means that the more you use your Airpods, the lesser their battery capacity becomes until it dies off.

2. Apple seamless Integration

People prefer the Apple brand because it integrates well with other Apple products. The integration of one Apple Device with another is seamless. If you already own an iPhone and an iPad, utilizing Airpods with either device won't be a problem. The integration will likely take place without your involvement in seconds.

Things get a little bit more complicated when you have an Airpods, a Samsung phone, and a Dell computer.

The Airpods Pro is the best option if you want to be able to listen to music wirelessly and even have access to it on your phone. The Airpods will also work for users who do not wish to use their phone's speaker or leave phones in their pockets.

Your phone and Airpods Pro will work together so well that you won't even need to look down at your phone to get your messages. The Airpod Pro is a fantastic investment for any Apple enthusiast, thanks to its rapid and straightforward integration.

The fact that Apple integration works effectively for people who are not very tech-savvy is one aspect that users like most. The Airpods Pro is an excellent option if you're unsure how to connect your device to wireless headphones.

Even those adept with technology will discover that Apple may simplify their lives. What good is it, even if you're very tech-savvy, to spend hours trying to connect and integrate devices?

The best solution and one that might be worth spending extra money on is having something that will work in a matter of seconds. The Apple Airpods Pro may cost extra due to this seamless integration.

3. Comfort

Comfort is crucial, as anyone who has ever used terrible wireless headphones can attest. It can be unpleasant to wear uncomfortable earbuds for an extended period.

The fact that Apple was able to make the Airpods Pro lightweight is astounding, considering all the technology it packs. These headphones are among the lightest and most comfortable ones around.

The universal fit of the Airpods makes them comfortable to wear all day. You will undoubtedly want something cozy and lightweight if you have to use earbuds all the time.

Your ear may hurt by the end of the day if your headphones are too hefty or poorly fitted. Most people will agree that the Airpods fit perfectly and stay in place.

4. Premium design

Everything about the Airpods pro screams premium. The case looks and feels good, and the two buds feel premium. How you attach or remove your tips on the Airpods Pro is easy. Each ear tip snaps into its position easily, making it super convenient to swap tips.

The speakers protrude on regular headphones when you remove the ear tips, but there is no protrusion for the Airpods pro speakers.

New Airpods Pro in its pack

5. Eartip fit test

Another feature is the Ear tip fit test. The test is designed to tell you if the tips you are trying to swap will fit your ears or not. This test is not common with other headphones.

6. Active Noise Cancellation and Transparency Mode

One of the best features is the Active Noise Cancellation and Transparency Mode. The ANC feature helps cut off street sounds or traffic noise around you.

The Transparency Mode allows you to control the amount of background noise you let in while using the Airpods Pro.

7. Excellent sound quality

The sound quality of the Apple Airpods Pro is superb. Users have commented that it sounds better than most wireless earbuds on the market. The sound is engaging and clean.

8. Portable charger

Anytime you insert your Airpods Pro into your case, they will get charged, so you don't always have to worry about plugging them in.

Say you're out on a walk and the Airpods Pro battery dies. Just put them in the case, which serves as a power bank, and they will recharge the Airpods without the need to connect to a power source. How cool is that?

9. Tap gestures

Tap gestures are one of the cool features of the Airpods pro. Users can use them on both the left and right Airpods. The tap gestures are of different types: single tap, double taps, and tap & hold gestures.

Users can control various actions like accessing Siri, playing or pausing a track, switching to the next track, etc., using the tap gestures.

A pair of Airpods Pro

10. Automatic Ear Detection

The Automatic Ear Detection lets your Airpods Pro know when they're placed in or removed from your ear. So, taking Airpods out of your ear will automatically pause the audio and transfer it to your phone.

When you put it back in, it would resume passing audio through the Airpods due to this feature.

11. Microphone settings

This setting allows you to choose which Airpod will be used as a microphone when recording audio. You can enable audio recording on your left or right Airpod.

To change the microphone to either Airpod:

· Go to Settings on your iPhone.

· Select Bluetooth and tap on the "i" icon next to your Airpods Pro.

· Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and tap on the Microphone tab.

· Change from "automatically switch Airpods" to either "always left Airpod" or "always right Airpod," depending on your preference.

Typically, your iPhone will default switch between both microphones while recording audio depending on which Airpod's microphone has the best recording for that moment. The default setting saves you the hassle of manually switching the microphone from one Airpod to another.

Why do Airpods keep pausing? (Explained and Solved)
The most common reason is the Ear Detection feature not working correctly, and proximity sensors power this feature. There are other reasons why the Airpods keep pausing, and they include:

Is Airpods Pro worth buying?

Yes, particularly if you're one of those who own other Apple devices. Even though they have been around for a while, they are still among the best wireless earbuds.

The more extended response is that, despite facing tough competition from other brands hoping to corner the market, they are one of the best wireless earbuds.

A summary assessment of the Airpods Pro reveals that they are stylish, comfy, and have excellent audio quality. They have fantastic noise cancellation features and can smoothly integrate with the MacBook, iPhone, and iPad. They are also portable, making them comfortable for extended use.

The main physical difference between Airpods Pro and other Airpods is that Airpod Pro contains silicon tips that ensure the Airpods Pro fits snugly in your ears. In contrast, regular Airpods don't have such ear tips. The Airpods Pro also comes with improved audio and more powerful bass.

The Airpods Pro can activate SIRI by voice when you say "Hey Siri" rather than by tapping gestures on other Airpods. The Airpods pro can also announce incoming messages, lowering the level of your music so you can listen to them.

While it is possible to use Airpods Pro with Android phones, Apple isn't overly supportive, as some of their best features aren't available on Android phones. So yes, buying the Airpods Pro is worth it, especially if you're an iPhone user.

Wrap up

Apple set the price for their Airpods Pro because they are confident in their product and are sure people will pay for them.

Profit margins vary between industries. The actual cost of production, research, marketing, and other expenses may have a slight bearing on the price of an item. Irrespective of what the market bears, Apple products will sell.

Apple's huge profit margins are why they are a successful company. They are skilled at marketing and know the prices people are willing to pay for their products.

You wouldn't be able to sell Airpods Pro knockoffs for even a fraction of what Apple costs if you launched your business tomorrow. You would also lack the scale and well-established distribution network to control your costs.

Finally, I do not believe the Airpods Pro is not overly pricey compared to what you receive. The Active Noise Canceling is not something you find in many high-quality earbuds in addition to other great features.

Thanks for reading.

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